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    13 Boys Who Prove Makeup Isn't Just For Girls

    Man up with makeup.

    1. This fuchsia force of nature.

    2. This stunning masterpiece rocking all the ~nudes~.

    3. This fresh-faced stunner who proves less is more.

    4. This peachy prince who is just too lovely for words.

    5. This mysterious ruby-hued darling.

    6. This shooting star.

    7. This winged wonder.

    8. This positively perfect human with brows that are TO DIE FOR.

    9. This face that is literal GOALS.

    10. This smoldering and perfectly contoured visage.

    11. This stunning angel who'll make you say, "That highlight tho..."

    12. This royalty that is serving you EVERYTHING.

    13. This radiant prince who takes no-makeup makeup to a whole new level.

    Keep ~stunning~ them, loves.