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    15 Stunning Lion And Tiger Tattoos That You'll Want On Your Body

    Lions and tigers and tats, oh my!

    1. A hidden little lion that's half realistic and half geometric.

    2. A color-splashed predator for a fierce AF shoulder.

    3. An abstract sliver of tiger eye for your forearm.

    4. A regal lion that wears a crown because, let's face it, you're royalty.

    5. A modest lion that you can glimpse in the mirror.

    6. A beautifully realistic tiger paired with some delicate prose.

    7. Lion silhouettes filled with flowers or cute shapes.

    8. A uniquely lined lion that really makes a statement.

    9. A watchful tiger whose always got your back.

    10. A colorful silhouette of your favorite majestic creature.

    11. A thinly-drawn lioness splashed with fall colors.

    12. A lion with a floral-tangled mane to make you envious.

    13. A embellished half-lion face to steal your heart.

    14. A dotted tiger filled with ~dimension~.

    15. A cartoony creature that'll turn heads.