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    23 Seriously Beautiful Hijab Styles To Try

    Modest fashion that's everything.

    1. Sport a pale blue hijab with pink lipstick.

    "There aren't many colors that a bright pink lip doesn't compliment, but pale colors especially do a great job of letting the bright pink speak for itself," Haute Hijab CEO Melanie Elturk told BuzzFeed Life.

    2. Look for gold details.

    3. Wear a hijab a few shades lighter than your skin tone to look sun-kissed.

    4. Go all out on lip color.

    5. Use a lot of shades of one color.

    6. Wear neon.

    7. Get monochromatic.

    8. Tuck a headscarf into a belt to elongate your torso.

    9. Go for an androgynous look.

    10. Try a different texture.

    11. Rock bright colors.

    12. Dress down.

    13. Accessorize with oversized glasses.

    14. Wear a colorful hijab with a black blazer.

    15. Make it tropical.

    16. Try a crepe material.

    17. Match a hijab with an accessory.

    18. Don't be afraid of patterns.

    19. Try different techniques.

    20. Wear a black hijab to add drama.

    21. Mix patterns.

    22. Use a hijab to play with seasonality.

    23. Add animal print to a casual look.

    Express yourself. Love yourself. And have fun!