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    16 Photos That Prove Ballerinas Are Strong AF

    It takes a lot of strength to look this delicate.

    1. Ballet is a truly ~majestic~ sport.

    Look at that grace.

    2. But looking this flawless does NOT come easy.


    3. To start, you have to put the time in when you're young.

    Aurelie Dupont Tumblr / Via

    Yes, that man is pushing that little boy's foot into the floor with a cane.

    4. And you have to use torture devices like this limb-cracker aka a "foot stretcher."

    Whoever invented this is Satan.

    5. Then there's the intense s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g...

    nommedit / Via

    My pelvis hurts looking at this.

    6. Which can really pay off for some people.

    7. After a lot of practice, you get HELLA STRONG.

    So Bailarinos / Via Facebook: 147022722045278

    Yes, mama.


    Pickled Thoughts / Via

    Get it.

    9. And then you take up flying as a pastime.

    Jorge Barani / Via

    Look. At. That. Air.

    10. DAMN.

    Umgurbanned / Via

    Whoa whoa.

    11. And your feet decide that you're probs never going to wear sandals again.

    Balletstar011 / Via Flickr: 78803873@N08

    Sweat, blood, tears, blood, blood.

    12. I MEAN.

    Godrekr / Via

    Warrior toes, people.

    13. And, like any difficult sport, there will be injuries.

    If you're a dancer, you've definitely soaked your feet in painfully cold water before.

    14. And there might even be surgery.

    MorticianGirl / Via

    Hang in there, foot.

    15. But then you remember the rush of turning your body into a piece of music.

    Will B. Bell / Via


    16. And you just keep on killing it. And killing it. And KILLING IT.

    Erik Cavanaugh / Via

    17. Because you're a dancer for ~life~.

    Pickled Thoughts / Via