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This Plus-Size Ballerina Proves That Every Body Is A Dancer's Body

Putting the ~baller~ in ballerina.

Meet Frostine Shake, a 30-year-old makeup artist and model based in Austin, Texas.

Cherry Bones Photography / Via

Frostine, who graduated from the University of North Texas with a BFA in fashion design, documents her gigs on her Instagram @frostineshake.

Frostine is also a classically trained ballerina.

Della Eaker / Via

Here, Frostine quickly poses during an impromptu shoot. (Due to time constraints, her ribbons are untucked.)

"I started formal ballet classes at the age of 6 or 7 and continued until I was 16 or 17," Frostine told BuzzFeed.

When she was a teenager, Frostine quit ballet because of the pressure she felt to be thin.

Christina Ulsh / Via

"I just could not meet the demands of my instructors, and I didn't really want to either," she said.

When she turned 18, Frostine discovered burlesque. / Via Instagram: @1ady1azarus

"I started to explore different types of dance that gave me freedom to express myself in a body-positive way," she said. "Burlesque showcased my love of dance, art, music, and fashion."

But when she started performing, she found herself incorporating ballet into her acts.

A few of Frostine's childhood dance friends had become ballet teachers, so Frostine paid them a visit. "They helped me brush up on my skills, and they allowed me to go at my own pace."

"I like the structure and discipline that it takes to perform ballet," she said.

"I get most of my posing, hand movements, and gestures from the grace of ballet — it makes me feel elegant and strong."

Her advice to young ballerinas: If you love it, stick with it, but it's OK if your interests change, too.

"If your goals are to become a principal dancer, don't give up like I did," she said. "But also remember to put your dignity and beliefs first."

"Dance makes my body feel alive, and I try my best to do the art form justice — this includes loving my body."

You go, girl.

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Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed