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    Realistic Baby Cakes Are The Creepiest Things Ever

    Now you can have your baby and eat it, too.

    Creepy baby shower cakes come in infinite shapes and sizes.

    Alison Caporimo / Via

    Sprinkle pubes. Yum.

    But the creepiest of all are the ones that are decorated to look like real babies.

    Yes, that child is edible.

    Because faux cannibalism is totally appetizing.

    Hardcore pregnant ladies, unite.

    And who doesn't want to eat this ghoul baby...?

    I don't want vanilla filling. I lust for blood.

    Or this one-eye-open baby?

    Michelle Wibowo / Via

    I will watch ye as ye sleep.

    Of course, cutting it up is the really delicious part.

    Would you like the cerebellum, Josephine?

    It's a great way to know which of your friends is a serial killer.

    Um, Jessica's really enjoying this.

    If you want to be tasteful, get the red velvet baby.

    Because if it does't look like it's bleeding, I don't want it.

    And dig in.

    If you find this appetizing, then you are a Siberian tiger. Stop reading BuzzFeed. Go back to roaming the forest.