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    This Woman Wore A Patriotic Hijab On Fox News And People Are Freaking Out

    "I'm a proud American."

    Meet Saba Ahmed, a 30-year-old patent lawyer based in Washington, D.C.

    Ahmed joined Fox News for an interview with Megyn Kelly on Tuesday night.

    Which is why, right before she left the dressing room, Ahmed decided to change her outfit.

    "When I was getting ready in the Fox makeup room, I was watching TV and people were bashing Islam and Muslims," she said.

    "People show their pride in all kinds of different ways," Ahmed said.

    During the interview, Ahmed shared her feelings about mosques.

    And ISIS.

    And her frustration with people's perception of Islam.

    The reactions to Ahmed's garb of choice are mixed.

    But for Ahmed, she couldn't be happier to show her pride in a way that spoke to her.

    "I'm very happy I wore it," she said.

    Watch the full interview here.

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