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15 Breathtaking Eyelash Transformations That'll Shock You

What is this magic??

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1. First, take a deep breath. Now, look at this gorgeous eyelash transformation.

2. You might want to use fake eyelashes to add a hint of fairy magic to your look.


3. Or you can use them to make your eyes *pop*.

5. Opt for fake lashes that are as long as your list of haters.

6. Or get falsies for a pretty daytime look that'll catch your eye every time you catch your reflection.

Mirrors, puddles, and store windows are not safe from this amazing look.

Get Kit Ready lashes from Model Rock for $6.95.

7. Want to look ~natural~ and like a *goddess* at the same time? Go for false lashes.,

"I'm not going to cry over you — these lashes are too nice."

Get Cover Girl lashes from Peek-A-Boo for $14.72.


8. If you're a low-maintenance kind of girl with high expectations, stick on some falsies and get out there.

9. In the mood for a lengthy AF look? You know what to do.

10. You might need lashes that can compliment the hell out of your bold lip.

11. You can also opt for lashes that'll keep up with your killer brows.

12. Need lashes as fierce as your winged eyeliner? F.A.L.S.E.L.A.S.H.E.S.

13. False lashes can be a beautiful compliment to your lovely muted makeup look.

14. They can also seriously upgrade the star-studded dreamscape that is your face in FULL DAMN MAKEUP.

15. False lashes can give your gorgeous eyes a little pick-me-up.

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