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This Woman Couldn't Decide Which Dog To Save So She Bought The Shelter

Grab your tissues, people.

Meet Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg, a married couple who founded Dog Tales rescue shelter in King City, Canada.

Opened in 2014, the shelter focuses on rehabilitating elderly, abused, and disabled dogs that are usually the last to find homes. The facility is located on 50 acres and features walking trails, large fenced-in paddocks, and therapy pools for the dogs. The dogs are also walked eight times a day.

Rob and Danielle visit shelters all over the world to save dogs in need.

"Danielle and Rob have four dogs of their own who they found on the street in Israel," Clare Forndran, Dog Tales' media specialist, told BuzzFeed. "Since they're both from Israel, they love rescuing dogs from this place that holds significance for them."

But in January, Danielle visited one shelter in Israel that brought her to tears.

"When Danielle visits other shelters, she'll usually make a list of 10 to 20 dogs with serious medical needs and she'll bring them back to Dog Tales where we can care for them," Forndran said. "But this situation was different."

The shelter was infested with rats, each kennel was crammed with six dogs, and the dogs themselves were covered in ticks and sores.

"The dogs were being fed loaves of bread, which they were fighting over," Forndran said. "It was awful."

So Danielle decided to buy the entire shelter and the 250 dogs that came with it on the spot.

Danielle's trip was extended by a month so that she could negotiate the takeover with the previous owners and begin helping the dogs right away.

After the paperwork was signed, Danielle flew 25 dogs who were fit to travel back to Canada.

"She immediately brought in vets as the dogs were in need of urgent medical care," Forndran said. She also hired a crew to clean up the shelter and put the dogs on healthy diets. Shortly thereafter, 90 dogs were relocated within Israel to shelters that Danielle has worked with in the past where the dogs will be properly cared for and have the best chance at adoption.

"The plan right now is to bring the remaining 150 dogs to Canada when they are healthy enough for the trip," Forndran said.

"We want to get them out of there as soon as possible."

Once the dogs got settled into their new shelter, they started to come out of their shells. / Via

"After a week, the dogs started to relax," Forndran said. "They could tell we were going to take care of them."

In three weeks, more than half of the original 25 dogs were adopted.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary / Via Facebook: Dogtalesrescue

"People have practically been fighting over them," Forndran said.

And the new owners are ~thrilled~ to have these lovely animals as new members of the family.

Holly Kane / Via

So awesome.

Watch the video of their rescue here:

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