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    17 People Who Immediately Regret Their Decisions

    "I've made a huge mistake."

    1. This man with a DIY grill.

    Maverick127 / Via

    Smile through the panic.

    2. This cat owner.

    sexyspazz / Via


    3. This inconveniently-bandaged man.

    Why would you put a Band-Aid on top of your sweater?

    4. This middle school child.

    thund3rbolt / Via


    5. This athlete.

    dimpslikeatrucktrucktruck / Via


    6. This Crocs-lover.

    FRIENDSmakemesmile / Via

    And what did we learn today?

    7. This high fiver.

    Cheerfulinsanity / Via

    He will never high five again.

    8. This tattooed man.

    Herculaneum / Via

    Let's hope he likes Joe Pesci.

    9. This sunburnt fan. / Via

    Is that a ghost hand on your nipple, bro?

    10. This tourist.

    Something to show the future grandkids.

    11. This amusement park visitor.

    Bigpaynis / Via

    I hope they bought this picture at the gift shop.

    12. This bored youth.

    Hello, Clarice...

    13. This sleepy teen. / Via

    Dog: "Abort!"

    14. This tattooed person. / Via

    Proofread yer tat.

    15. This sledding man. / Via

    That's the face of a man who is accepting his fate.

    16. This pet owner.

    orbitn / Via

    Oh my God. They killed Kenny.

    17. This golf-loving hiker.

    Off dat cliff.

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