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    17 Parents Who Are So Lazy It Hurts

    Here's how to hack the whole parenting thing.

    1. This dad who figured out a way to combine his two loves:

    Mario Kart + my young = everything

    2. Whoever invented the mop onesie.

    Why clean when your baby can just crawl?

    3. This dad who didn't have time to grab a dinner tray:

    "Hold this, will you? Thanks."

    4. And this one that doesn't want to walk to the table:

    2nie / Via

    Horizontal shape + vertical limbs = table

    5. This parent who didn't want to deal with hand-me-down drama:

    If it fits, it's yours.

    6. This innovative father:

    The thug life chose me.

    7. This man who just wanted to play video games:

    Well done, sir.

    8. And this one:

    glottomkd / Via

    A dad's advertisement for Baby Bjorn.

    9. This parent who got creative with a laser pointer:

    sethanoid / Via

    He's just like my cat, but an offspring version.

    10. This person who found a way to get the kids to sleep quickly:

    Flickr: 78068697@N07

    A glove filled with beans has the same effect as your tender touch.

    11. This guy who wanted his kid to enjoy swinging as much as he wanted to enjoy his beer:

    *We don’t actually condone this one, unless you're wheelchair bound.

    12. This parent who turned their chores into their Lindsay's playtime:

    "We should let the neighbors hire her."

    13. This parent who doesn't want to deal:

    14. The person who don't want to hold nothing:

    While simultaneously scaring the shit out of potential predators because ALIEN VEST.

    15. This dad who doesn't want to bother with a napkin:

    Annie Robertson / Via

    Waste not, want not.

    16. And this one who got the napkin but wants it to be hands-free:

    17. And lastly, the mom who came up with the “get along shirt.”

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