This Dad Finds A Beautiful Way To Explain Surrogacy To His Children

    Because what a beautiful family story.

    When cartoonist Charles Danziger went through the surrogacy process to start his family, he decided that there should be a story about it.

    The cartoon series "All Our Wishes" tells the tale of two father mice who want to have a baby.

    And the story of surrogacy isn't just meant for people who have experience with it.

    "Every child on the playground might have questions about how different families form," Danziger says. "Surrogacy is becoming more and more common, and what better way to educate children than through cartoons."

    Here's a sneak-peak of the series...

    Danziger looks forward to reading this story to his children (once they're a little older), and he hopes other kids can enjoy it, too.

    For the full cartoon, visit Boys in 'Burbs.