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14 Hijabi Makeup Artists Who Are So Damn Talented

Talented to a T.

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2. Makeup By Diva Doll

@makeupbydivadoll / Via

If you live in the Seattle, WA area and you're looking to get your makeup done, look no further. This artist is new to the YouTube tutorial scene, but she's been racking up followers on Instagram (she has over 12,000 followers) with her inspiring beauty ~lewks~. Also, check out her Kylie lip kit video where she swatches all of the glosses and matte lipsticks.

Instagram: @makeupbydivadoll

YouTube: Makeup By Diva Doll


4. Aysha Abdul

@ayshaharun / Via Instagram: @ayshaharun

Get ready for your new beauty crush, 21-year-old Toronto-based Aysha Abdul. Deep-diving into skincare, products, and looks, her YouTube channel (which has over 56,000 subscribers) is a one-stop-shop for all things beauty.


YouTube: Keep It Beautiful

6. Dina Tokio

@dinatokio / Via

This UK-based designer keeps it real with videos featuring her fave drugstore finds as well as tutorials that test out newly released drugstore products.

YouTube: Dina Tokio

Instagram: @dinatokio

7. Nura

@nuralailalov / Via

Denver-based makeup artist Nura takes you through all of her routines (from AM skincare to nighttime regimens; from natural to full-face looks). Her YouTube channel, which has over 213,000 subscribers, is a beauty addict's dream come true.

YouTube: Babylailalov

Instagram: @nuralailalov


8. Sebina H.

@sebinaah / Via

Her most popular beauty videos (she volgs about style, too) include her makeup removal routine, how to DIY fake nails, and a striking Eid makeup tutorial.

Instagram: @sebinaah

YouTube: Sebinaah

11. Sabina Hannan

@sabinahannan / Via

Hannan is just starting out in the YouTube space, but we're hoping she adds a ton of new videos and QUICK. Her smokey eye tutorials are ~dreamy~.

Instagram: @sabinahannan

YouTube: Sabina Hannan


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