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  • Daddy And Baby Grand Pianos

    My brother in law, Tyler Kealey is an Ottawa musician. One of his regulars from his Saturday night gig surprised him with a baby grand piano. Literally, baby. This just makes me so happy.

  • The Most Canadian Moment This Winter

    Ottawa musician Tyler Kealey does one of the most Canadian things ever - playing a makeshift electric piano, singing Canadian songs, on the world’s largest skating rink, near the Parliament buildings, being pulled by a horse on skates. Obviously.

  • meow

    Cat And Paper Bag

    So the other day, I finally had a Saturday night off and decided my boyfriend and I should go out for wings and beer to celebrate. We ended up at a wing place that was having an NHL event, and it ended up being a cool night. They gave us loot bags at the end of the night, which caused all sorts of fun for our cats at home. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

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