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International Dance Day – April 29, 2021

Dancing is something that has been practiced by humans for a very long time. It brings people together with joy, humor, and people's secret talents out to the world. dance differs from country to country, culture to culture, or even community to community. Below are listed Top 5 different dances around the world.

5. Samba - Brazil


Samba is a Brazilian dance that requires a lot of every part of the human body. Its origin is from the 19th century in Brasil, dedicating its music and moves to the African slave in Brasil. Samba relied on weight shifts, rapid steps, and slides to a 2/4 percussive beat and a relatively still upper body with arms and hands responding to the hip and leg movements. Today, Samba is a Carnival street dance, one of the happiest Holidays for Brazilians full of happiness and dance.

4. Tango - Argentina and Uruguay


Tango is one of the most famous dances in the world. Tango's origin is from the 18th century Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay. It was the favorite dance for the European immigrants, former slaves, working, and lower classes of people. There are two types of Tango, Argentinian tango and Spanish Andalusian Tango, but both Tango dances are performed with two people.

3. Ballet - Italy

Julia Erickson & Robert Moore in PBT’s Swan Lake. Photo: Rich Sofranko

Ballet's history starts from 1500 in Italy. When Catherine de Medici of Italy married the French King Henry II, she introduced early dance styles into court life in France. The Dance requires unique physic and feet strength. It is performed in stages with an audience to enjoy the calm, exciting mood Ballet dance provides, and it can be performed by one person or more.

2. Dabke - Middle East


Dabke is a Levantine folk dance. It is widespread in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Syria. Each country has its style of Dabke dance, and in each country, the dance differs from village to city. In Lebanon, the original Dabke was performed on a roof with workers where they were jumping in a piece of wood in the ground, which they started little by little jumping together and forming a matching sound.

1. Capoeira - Brazil


Capoeira is a traditional Brazilian type of dance that combines these elements in one dance: martial art, sport, popular culture, dance, and music. It is now being performed and taught in schools, streets, shows, and sometimes even Carnival. Capoeira was found in the 17th century by the enslaved Bantu people and spread to all cities in Brazil. Today Capoeira is considered one of the most significant symbols of Brazilian culture.