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The Top 5 Helpful Ways To Have A Successful Email Campaign

Successful tips for email campaigns can be found through various sources but many of the rules that need to be applied for email campaigns are quite simple to follow. Apptivo helps many businesses use email campaigns to reach target audiences to let them know about anything that might be beneficial to them about certain products or services. There are steps that businesses can take to ensure they have the right effective and maintainable email campaign, while campaigning with Apptivo. Below is a list of the 5 most powerful ways that can be used to run a strong email campaigns.

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Targeting the audience

Today many marketers rely on email to target their audience, keeping them informed about deals and keeping their site updated with important messages for consumers. Since the way people email has changed through the years, it affects how the way people respond to an email campaign. People respond in different ways to email campaigns, which is dependent how engaging the subject of the email is to captivate an individual from the target audience. When trying to reach a target audience it is best to give them the right stimulant in content nature to make them want to open the email and heed the call of action. Targeting an audience is the entire basis for which an Apptivo email campaign is created.

Clear, strong catchy subject

A deciding factor, of what will make a person want to open the email is if it has a clear, strong catchy subject. It is always best to create a short concise and fascinate subject line. The subject line should be attention grabbing, with an initiating subject that says open me, without words. When creating a subject for an email campaign, it should be created with originality, not giving more of the same subject lines people see over and over again in many different email campaigns. Stick with bold and relevant words and avoid using generic words that may be seen over and over again.

Consistent structure

Highly important is the consistency of the structure of the email campaign, as it will be noticeable after the email has been open by an individual of the targeted audience. Structure consistency will include the following, A header, body, useful links that are pertinent to the campaign and it is even good to apply landing pages, which are webpages that any visitor can arrive on by clicking a hyperlink. Landing pages also make it easier for the reader to access product pages quickly and efficiently. It is good to have a phone number, physical address and definitely an email address and if they are clickable that will make it better and easier for the reader to call you, email you and map your address for directions via smartphones and tablets. Elements of credibility, unsubscribe links and social media share pages are also good for email campaigns.

Good quality content

Planning and creating your email campaign in a timely fashion and not randomly, will ensure good quality content. Email campaigns need a clear objective, to display the subject, promotion or any special offers that may be offered through the email marketing campaign.

Responsive email

Essential to having a successful email campaign response, simplify your email, using adjustable blocks, eliminate excessive items that are irrelevant to the campaign or may take up wasted space, while campaigning, modify menus, put photos and text on top of one another and not side by side, make sure the copy is easy to read, don’t make it look like a desktop version and lastly test it before it is sent to the masses. Applying the following methods will make for a successful and responsive email, when email campaigning.

In closing, There are many lesson to be learned when creating an email campaign. Apptivo solutions will help you create a successful email campaign, to fit your needs. When starting an email campaign just make sure to plan for it and use a clear objective, clear subject lines, make it concise, make it well structured and use strong content in all areas to make sure you captivate your target audience.

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