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    We Want Lisa To Become Vegan

    Lisa has been opposed to eating meat, and now could extend that line of thinking towards dairy, eggs, and all animal products.


    On March 21st 2015, Matt Hanson decided to start a petition asking Al Jean, John Frink, James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, and Matt Selman to make Lisa Simpson vegan. So far, this petition has 4594 supporters towards a goal of 100, 000. Hanson, from Perth, Australia, became vegan after watching American animal rights activist and lecturer Gary Yourofksy's “Greatest Speech You Will Ever Hear”.

    Hanson explains:


    “I went vegan overnight (December 2016) after I watched Gary Yourofksy's ‘Greatest Speech you will ever Hear’. I thought I knew about animal slaughter – that it was done humanely – and I was satisfied telling myself that animals died instantly from a pneumatic bolt gun. I was uninformed. What I learned in that video challenged me to either act on my new knowledge or accept the way things are. I decided to stand up for the animals that cannot defend themselves”.


    Hanson remains vegan for one main reason: Justice. When he realized that he could live a healthy life style-- without killing animals, making slaughter unnecessary-- he could not justify their servitude for his convenience. Hanson adds,

    “It all stems from there for me: it's not fair to kill an animal, that wants to live, just because I’d like them to.”


    Hanson has heard many testifies that Lisa is a major influence on them, and that she is a role model that helps them be the best person they could be… even when others around them are less supportive.

    “The Simpsons gets millions of viewers every episode, so it single handedly influences the cultural awareness of it's day”.


    Matt, 28 years old, drummer, started Lisa’s petition because he wanted to spread awareness of veganism. He believes it is an effective solution to many of the world's major issues.

    “I figured the most popular animated TV show in history already has a vegetarian, why not ask for her to be vegan? It's definitely a change Lisa would make given the rise of popularity of it and all the information easily available about it. So many celebrities are now vegan, I think Lisa should continue to be a positive role model, just updated for 2016!”


    Matt Hanson considers that there would be a lot of opinions if Lisa becomes vegan.

    “Vegans would love it, vegetarians might be challenged by it, meat eaters might hate it, but some might consider it. I believe information is power, Lisa going vegan doesn't force any one to change their beliefs or behaviours, but it will put the V-word in front of them”.

    Hey, Simpsons creators, Matt has an excellent idea for Lisa´s transition:


    “What if Krusty Burger released an extinction burger: five near-extinct animals for the ultimate taste, Lisa takes offence, and continues down the rabbit hole towards becoming a ‘level 5 vegan’. Also, somewhere in the episode, Sideshow Bob should step on a rake”.

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