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    So, if you're a beauty and makeup addict like me, you pretty sure know by now what it is (if not, here or here ) ,but is it really "new" ? And is it really going to replace the good ol' contouring most of us just mastered (after years of trying copy Kim K's way) ? Well, I've got news for you, Strobing is not as new as it seems, but it sure is becoming a trend, since we now see lots of specific products out there to get the look. That must mean something, right?

    1. FIRST OF ALL, it is definitely NOT something new.

    2. The main Difference is...

    3. The french created it to achieve a "bonne mine frances"

    4. It can be tricky to get the luminous and radiant look

    5. It is definitely not the same as BRONZING

    6. All in all, just ry to brighten your complexion.