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Self-Portraits From Chernobyl 27 Years After The Disaster

"Prypyat Mon Amour" documents my journey back to my hometown of Prypyat, Ukraine, which I and my family evacuated in 1986 following the nuclear power plant catastrophe at Chernobyl.

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We were evacuated from Prypyat when I was only one-year-old. My father, an engineer, was working in the plant on the night of the accident. He was then 28-years-old and my mother, only 23-years-old.At the time, the average age of residents in Prypayt--a small town three-kilometers away from Chernobyl, built for the families of the nuclear power plant employees--was 26-years-old.In 2011, at the age of 26, I revisited my hometown for the first time--a town I never knew and never will. The accident at the plant drastically and radically altered my parents' lives and also my own. In many respects, all of my desires and passions sprung from the ruins of Chernobyl. And many people who I miss are gone because of it.Prypyat Mon Amour documents my own (re)immersion into what is now a ghost town, the little town that marked my life's genesis and also (through my absence from it) became my greatest influence.This project is about grave loss, redemption and awakening of long forgotten memories.

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