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    31 Comfy And Chic Essentials For Your WFH Wardrobe

    Bonus for working from home, two words — cute loungewear.

    1. A faux shearling pullover in case you don't plan on ditching the loungewear anytime soon and need something that's not only warm but incredibly on trend too.

    2. A two-piece sweatsuit that looks just as cool under a trench coat as it does when worn lounging on the couch. (I prefer the latter.)

    3. A super soft jumpsuit — perfect for wearing underneath a cute denim jacket ~or~ to kick-back around the house in. I like to call this, *elevated loungewear.*

    4. A graphic crewneck that looks like a high-end streetwear dupe for a fraction of the price. Cozy vibes just got a whole lot trendier.

    5. A colorful zip-up hoodie to take your everyday comfy looks from drab to fab. Tired of wearing the same boring tank and sweats? Throw this cute zip-up on top for some much-needed color.

    6. A pair of tie-dye sweatpants to brighten up your loungewear repertoire. The best part? You can wear these on Zoom calls and no one will know you're still in them from yesterday...

    Person wears tie dye sweatpants

    7. An oversized open cardigan featuring rainbow striped sleeves in case your finally willing to incorporate some color into your entirely neutral wardrobe. (Baby steps.)

    8. A onesie because there's never been a better time to wear this soft, solo wardrobe must-have than 2021. Time to be incredibly relaxed and comfortable while you answer those work emails.

    model wearing black onesie

    9. A "homebody" crewneck to remind you of your favorite home away from home. Here's to keeping that Disney magic alive and well, even during a hectic work week.

    Model wears East Coast Homebody Crewneck

    10. A pair of high-waisted flare pants that are made with the softest material imaginable and can work for lazy-day outfits or even outfits you wear when running errands to the grocery store.

    11. An oversized shacket (shirt and jacket) that you can throw on if bumming it around the house in a 3-day-old sweatshirt just isn't the move for you. This will look chic and keep you from freezing your booty off.

    12. A graphic crewneck that is a gentle reminder that your mental health matters. Your next serotonin fix will come from the pure bliss that is wearing a crew and sweatpants (a truly comfy combo).

    13. A pair of knit rib lounge pants you'll probs ends up wearing for days straight. (Listen, I won't judge you for not washing, they're THAT cozy.)

    14. A chunky cardigan that's super versatile — and by versatile, we mean it can be styled over your loungewear or with an outfit you'd actually step out of the house in. There is no in between at this point, welcome to 2021.

    15. A three-piece knit set complete with shorts, tank, and a cardigan in case the only certain thing you know about 2021 so far is that you deserve pure coziness in your outfits.

    Reviewer wearing tan-colored knitwear set

    16. A sleek drawstring hoodie made with a plush cotton blend so it'll be like wearing a warm (yet trendy) hug.

    17. An oversized sweater dress you'll adore because it checks off both of your must-have wardrobe necessites: comfort ✔️ and cuteness ✔️.

    18. An ultra warm cable-knit two-piece set that screams "wear me and binge-watch Vampire Diaries for the 30th time."

    19. A long-sleeved jumpsuit you can throw on and look like you spent oodles of hours styling (when in reality it took a whopping zero hours).

    Model wearing jumpsuit

    20. A pair of knit jeggings with thousands of 5-star reviews that are as Hannah Montana would say, the best of both worlds. Jeans that are comfortable like leggings? *Adds to cart immediately*

    21. A dainty pearl embellished sweater that's Zoom-call appropriate on top and all comfort on the bottom when you pair it with leggings.

    model wearing pearl embellished sweater with leggings

    22. A tie-dye lounge set you can feel put together in even if you're spending the entire day on the couch #relatable.

    23. A graphic tee that speaks TRUTH. If you're busy trying to make your dreams a reality then this tee is a major need. I can't talk right now, I'm doing girlboss things.

    girls with dreams become women with vision graphic tee

    24. A long-sleeve-and-shorts loungewear set — the perfect combo between warm and cool. IDK about you, but I struggle with flip-flopping between being hot and cold, so this seems like the perfect middle man 'fit option.

    25. A pair of tie-dye joggers so you can kick your worn-out pair of gray sweats to the curb.

    model wears tie dye lounge pants

    26. A pair of wide-leg lounge pants because as long as you're working from home, you're going to need comfy clothing options and these are so comfortable you'll never take them off. "Are those the same swea–sweatpants from yesterday? Yea, they are."

    27. A pair of tie-dye lounge pants that I personally will never be taking off. I would ACTUALLY go out of the house in these and feel trendy at the same time.

    28. Or these plush pink joggers made from a fuzzy knit that'll help you feel like you never even left your bed this morning.

    model wears pink plush joggers

    29. A V-neck tracksuit that comes with a tee and joggers so you can decide to wear them as a full 'fit or entirely separate. You've now got three outfits in one. #Winning

    30. A Buttercup sweat set so you feel empowered to tackle those work deadlines with Powerpuff Girls-like energy. Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

    31. An embroidered sweatshirt featuring some of the most iconic Taylor Swift lyrics so you can relive the magic of Folklore over and over again. Bringing the T-Swift vibes to your WFH wardrobe one crew at a time.

    When your WFH 'fits are everything you dreamt they'd be.

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