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    33 Trendy Pieces Your Friends Will Want To Borrow

    Because you're the fashionista of your friend group, let's be honest...

    1. A pair of cutoff shorts featuring distressed edging, because nothing screams *effortlessly cool* like a vintage concert tee and these shorts.

    2. A tulle ruffle-shoulder bodysuit for anyone who loves to keep their money where they can see it — hanging in their closet.

    3. Madewell x Veja sneakers that were surely made for walkin' (and accessorizin'). Will I be buying these? Yep, yep I will be.

    madewell x veja animal print sneakers

    4. A set of layering necklaces – you can wear them individually or combined and help top off your #OOTD.

    5. A multi-functional cross-body bag that can be worn as a set or separated, and used individually to match your 'fit of the day.

    6. A diamond-encrusted headband if you just can't seem to pass up anything that has a bit of sparkle and shine. This will up your hair game to new heights. ✨

    7. A ruffled floral dress for a romantic piece that just beckons to be twirled in. Honestly, you can never have too many dresses.

    8. A super comfy maxi dress that has long sleeves for those chillier days where you still want to opt for a dress but want to opt out of being cold.

    9. A split hem skirt featuring a soft faux-suede material that feels buttery soft on the skin and is ACTUALLY comfortable.

    10. A breezy dress with puff sleeves that honestly seems like a wardrobe option out of the "Love Story" Taylor Swift music video. Honestly, more of a reason to buy it...

    11. A statement necklace because it'll look killer solo or layered with your other must-wear jewelry. I couldn't be more in love with this eye-catching piece, from the chain to the stone.

    12. An off-the-shoulder top that'll look just as fab with shorts as it will with jeans. A true end-of-summer staple that will transition perfectly into fall.

    13. A one-shoulder cow print top with the perfect amount of stretch that you can wear it all day and all night and not feel constricted. It's ~utterly~ perfect.

    14. And cow print sunglasses that'll be the cherry on top of your coveted neutral outfits. A whole (MOO)d.

    model wears cow print glasses

    15. A two-piece set you can feel confident to leave the house in, but know as soon as you arrive home that you can just plop on the couch while still being comfortable. You can even wear these pieces together or separate!

    16. A Cher Horowitz-approved plaid mini skirt you'll want to wear all day, every day, without the need of a closet technology system to style your outfit for you...

    17. An oversized shacket (shirt and jacket) that you can throw on if bumming it around the house in a 3-day-old sweatshirt just isn't the move for you. This will look chic and keep you from freezing your booty off.

    18. A chunky cardigan that's super versatile — and by versatile, we mean it can be styled over your loungewear or with an outfit you'd actually step out of the house in. There is no in between at this point, welcome to 2021.

    19. A wide-brim floppy hat to literally top off an adorably cute dress. Say ~hello~ to your third day hair solution.

    20. A plush shoulder bag that's the perfect combo of furry and floral, and looks so Instagram-chic you'll never stop wearing it.

    21. A nameplate necklace because you can never have enough jewelry stacked amidst a classic white button-down.

    22. A flirty romper to give the illusion of wearing a dress while blissfully knowing they're actually comfortable shorts instead. Anyone having a picnic I can wear this to anytime soon?

    model wearing flirt with me romper

    23. A casual and cool T-shirt dress because a piece that can be easily tossed on with some stellar jewelry and a pair of kicks is my kinda 'fit.

    24. A draped satin statement dress — perfect for pairing with those new showstopping pumps you just bought. Also can we just hear a little commotion for the color of this dress!? Gorg.

    model wearing draped satin dress in chartreuse

    25. Wide-leg, high-waisted jeans because you're going to want a holy grail pair that'll always look perf with your overabundance of crop tops. And also because apparently skinny jeans are out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    reviewer taking a mirror selfie wearing jeans with black crop top

    26. An ombre shoulder bag that if Jenna Rink were here, would totallyyyyyyy steal. You'll be thirty, flirty, and thriving with this chic gal on your arm.

    27. A baguette ring to add some sparkle and shine to your fresh mani that looks like a million bucks.

    28. A dress with a double-tiered skirt that looks just darling with some cute booties and a fedora hat.

    29. A ribbed knit pencil skirt — AKA a cozy suitable-for-work wardrobe piece that's also comfortable to lounge in. Who knew skirts could be loungewear!?

    reviewer wearing the orange midi skirt

    30. A pair of groovy pants if you wanna spice up your go-to basic tees. Add a pair of combat boots and you're set.

    31. A Free People embroidered tote you won't have to worry about clashing with your outfits. This is the perfect size to keep handy when you're running your daily errands. Nothing quite says, "I'm a city-dweller" like a tote bag.

    32. An effortless T-shirt dress since nothing is better than a trendy 'fit that'll play well with sneakers. Looking cute AND comfy.

    model wearing t-shirt dress with sneakers

    33. A stunning set of tortoise hoop earrings because they're ~super~ lightweight and will undoubtedly look INCREDIBLE with any outfit and other jewelry you pair them with.

    When you quite literally can't get over how cute these items are...