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    29 Things To Help You Spring Clean Every Area Of Your Life

    It's that time of year again...

    1. A cleaning spray that'll assist you in finally cleaning out your car, but particularly those baked-in stains that have been marinating in your back seat for months.

    2. A cosmetics case if it's time to do a spring cleanout of products you simply no longer use. Plus the ones you do use can be more efficiently organized in this case.

    3. A garbage-disposal foaming cleaner to refresh the drain — aka the place you pour all your leftover noodles that linger on your plate after dinner. Keep the garbage disposal squeaky clean so you can continue to use it in all your lazy glory.

    4. A jetted-tub cleaner so the next time you marinate in a bubble bath you can ensure that the water will be crystal clear.

    5. A ceramic plant pot and wood stand for putting your beloved green friend on the pedestal it deserves. It's time to organize your little plant family that's been thrown in the corner of your apartment for a little too long...

    6. An over-the-seat car trash bag in case you tend to stuff all those used napkins and empty chip bags in your door compartments. This will help keep your car spotless.

    7. A portable UV sanitizer bag you can charge and then take with you so you can give your makeup brushes, phone, or car keys a quick clean anytime anywhere.

    homedics uv sanitization pouch

    8. Or this at-home makeup brush UV sanitizer to disinfect your makeup brushes, because the less germs that are on your makeup brushes the better. Keep this on your vanity for whenever they need a good germ cleanse.

    9. A cute hanging basket if you can't be bothered to nail a shelf to your bathroom wall but still need a spot to house your skincare needs.

    hanging basket

    10. A storage bean bag chair so you can organize and declutter your kiddo's playroom while keeping it a place they want to spend their time. This bean bag chair can store all of their stuffed animals so you can say goodbye to the massive mess that is laying all over the floor.

    11. A hanger stacker because grabbing a hanger for that new clothing item you bought should be hassle free. No more trying to find a needle in THAT haystack...

    12. A wooden desktop organizer to keep your at-home office free from clutter so you can focus more on work and less about the sticky note and notebook mess staring you in the face.

    wooden desktop organizer

    13. Dishwasher cleaning tablets so you can clean the machine that cleans your dishes. You'd be surprised how gross it gets in there after each cycle...

    14. A grill scrubber that'll make stuck on grease stains a thing of the past.

    grill scrubber cleaning grill stains

    15. A Bissell Spinwave hardwood floor mop for cleaning up tough stains and potential "oopsies" on your floors. This works wonders on tile, linoleum, wood, and other hard-sealed floors.

    bissell spinwave mop

    16. An eco glass pantry jar so you can organize your ingredients and spices that are taking up space on your kitchen counter. Snag more than one so they look cohesive next to each other!

    eco glass jars with ingredients inside them

    17. A pack of Elephant Trax Labels that you adhere to storage bins and boxes and sync to an app so you can keep track of what you have stored inside! 

    reviewer image of labels
    app that is associate with labels to show what is stored in box

    Promising review: "I am so glad I ordered an extra pack of these. My goal for January was to organize the basement. I have TONS of plastic bins and whenever I need something, I have to open each to find what I’m looking for. I took a few hours the first weekend cleaning out and organizing everything and the bins. I took pictures of the contents of each bin, put one of these stickers on each bin, then associated the pics with the sticker’s QR code and voila, done. IF YOU LIKE TO BE ORGANIZED, GET THESE STICKERS!" —Fred Labro

    Get a pack of 40 from Amazon for $7.99 (also available in larger quantities).

    18. A 2-in-1 keyboard and screen cleaner if you're tired of looking at your laptop screen through cloudy fingerprints.

    Promising review: "This is the second one that I have purchased because I LOVE IT! I love fact that it is small and compact enough to either sit on my desk at home or fit in my desk at work. I also enjoy the fact it is dual-sided — one side to wipe the screen and the other to brush away dust, dirt, food crumbs from my keyboard. It is a great buy and worth it. Not to mention it is made by a company with quality products, OXO." —Kiki.L.G

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95.

    19. A box of coffee machine–cleaning powder because the machine you probably rely on the most (hello, caffeine) could use a good cleaning every now and again. The only person you have to blame for this coffee machine mess is yourself and the overabundance of coffee you consume daily.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    Promising review: "This worked great for our coffee maker. The picture on the left (above) is the first batch of water, including the packet of cleaner. The second was already much cleaner and the third and fourth batches of water were completely clear. Our coffee tastes much less bitter now." —Amazon Customer

    Get a pack of three packets from Amazon for $17.12.

    20. A Flush 'N Sparkle Toilet cleaning system to install in your toilet's water tank so the bowl stays just as clean as the last time you scrubbed it. These cartridges last up to three months! The bleach cleansers will make your porcelain throne sparkle and shine with each and every flush.

    flush 'n sparkle kit
    reviewer image of flush 'n sparkle kit in water tank of toilet

    Promising review: "I have one of those water saver toilets. It was almost impossible to keep clean. While this cleaning system doesn't completely eliminate the problem, it helps a lot. Instead of needing to clean the bowl daily, I can clean it once a week. I liked it so much, I purchased one for my sister. One of the best features of this system is that it puts the cleaner directly into the water stream instead of into the tank. You don't have to worry about it attacking the metal parts of the tank. It was easy to install. It is real easy to install and replace the cleaning cartridge." —Mikkel

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97.

    21. A set of mineral-based dishwasher detergent pods so your glassware can emerge from their wash cycle looking fresh and new. These won't leave a gross film on your plates like some other detergents do PLUS they smell so citrus-y good.

    the lemon dishwasher pods displayed next to a sliced lemon

    Dropps is a small business based in Philly whose mission is to sustainably create eco-friendly and powerful cleaning products.

    Promising review: "If everyone were to buy their dishwasher soap this way our earth would be a much healthier and happier place. This product out-cleans any other product on the market plus all is environmentally friendly! I love that the packaging is recyclable and earth friendly soap! Outstanding!" —Stray Cat Rescue Associates MN 

    Get 32 pods from Amazon for $13.75 (available in two scents).

    22. A blessedly effective carpet cleaner that'll have you saying, "What sorcery is this?!" You'll never have to call Stanley Steemer again.

    Sunny & Honey is a family-run small business who prioritizes the health and safety of kids and pets when creating cleaning products. 

    Promising review: "This is a wonderful product. I have an older dog who can't always wait until I get home from work so accidents occasionally happen. I have a Hoover Rug Scrubber and this product is very easy to use with my machine. Carpet Miracle works amazingly well on stains and odors, even those that have set for a while. I did the carpet in the 'room of shame' twice just to be sure, although for normal soil and odors once should be more than enough. It leaves behind a wonderful clean, fresh scent, and the carpet feels and looks wonderful. I plan on continuing to use this product to keep my carpets clean and my home smelling fresh." —Vicky Faurot

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

    23. A glass cleaner because if you haven't been squeegeeing your glass doors after each shower, odds are there are a large amount of hard water stains just lurking on them. This glass cleaner will get them squeaky clean in no time. 

    Reviewer photo of dirty glass shower door
    Reviewer photo of same shower door after cleaning with Rain-X cleaner

    Promising review: "This product works beautifully. I tried a lot of products to remove the hard water from my glass shower. I have to admit — the first time I used it with a cloth, it was not very effective. The second time I used a nonabrasive sponge for glass. It turned out beautiful, just like the first day the glass was installed." —EJP

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.