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    25 Things From Walmart That'll Help Make Your Bedroom Extra Cozy

    Oh the weather outside is frightful, but your bedroom will be so delightful.

    1. A festive-printed sherpa blanket you'll want to cozy on up with in your bed, alongside your favorite cup of hot cocoa.

    2. A shag area rug that's incredibly soft, so you don't have to tiptoe on the cold hardwood floor in the middle of the night.

    3. A decorative throw pillow to make your bedroom feel more like ~YOU~. There are so many adorable throw pillows you can pair together to feature on your bedspread, in order to make your room more personal.

    4. An essential oils humidifier so you can keep your room's humidity levels balanced and also add a calming aroma to your space while you relax.

    5. A macrame wall tapestry that will add the perfect bohemian yet cozy touch to hang above your headboard.

    6. A bamboo bed desk, because sometimes you just want to work from home and never have to leave your bed.

    7. An open shelf nightstand that will keep all of your bedside necessities in an arm's reach so you'll never have to sacrifice getting out of your warm bed to grab a book, your charger, or a tissue ever again.

    8. A set of slim wire fairy lights to place in mason jars near your bed to add calming mood lighting for movie nights.

    9. A vanilla bean WoodWick candle you'll want to light during your nightly reading sessions to create the ultimate fireplace ambience with zero fireplace necessary.

    10. Or if you have the space, an electric fireplace to help heat your bedroom and will undoubtedly look beautiful burning before bedtime.

    11. A plush heated blanket you can whip out when the weather gets nippier to wrap yourself in for a maximum level of toasty.

    12. An ultimate total body pillow where you can be the big spoon, ~or~ the little spoon.

    13. A set of super warm flannel sheets —let's face it, holiday season is a great time to cuddle and these need (!!!) to replace your current cooling sheets from summer...

    14. A cable knit throw pillow that looks just like your favorite go-to cozy sweater.

    15. A papasan chair, because sometimes you don't want to lay down on your bed but would rather cozy up with a soft blanket in a relaxing chair. (Don't tell me this doesn't make you want to curl up like a kitten and sleep 'til kingdom come...)

    16. A faux fur backrest pillow so you can prop yourself up while watching your favorite movie or having a cup of coffee in the morning.

    17. A trendy wax melter in case candles aren't really your thing, but you still want the ambience they supply without the flame.

    18. A set of blackout curtains that the ☼ sun ☼ doesn't stand a chance against. HELLOOOOOOO, weekends of sleeping in and watching Netflix.

    19. A fuller bed pillow that won't flatten like other pillows do. If you're all about that fluffed up, hotel pillow life— give these a whirl.

    20. A Google Home Mini so you can play your "cozy vibes" playlist on repeat from sunset to sunrise.

    21. An LED color changing night light so you can change up your room aesthetic as often as you change your mind. (This nightlight is perfect if you're indecisive and like a lot of options!)

    22. A set of pictures frames, because nothing makes a bedroom feel cozier than all your best memories with loved ones displayed somewhere in the room.

    23. A white noise machine — perfect for night or morning meditation sessions, or for getting in those eight hours like a champ.

    24. A Huggle (aka a hoodie blanket) that is legit the coziest thing I have ever had the pleasure of using. My best friend swears by this because she's ALWAYS cold— it's basically like wearing a warm hug anytime you have it on (if that doesn't tempt you)....

    25. A faux fur blanket in case your idea of cozy means adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom.

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