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    31 Things You Absolutely Need If You're Obsessed With "Bridgerton" On Netflix

    "A pairing like that would be most enchanting indeed." —AKA you and one of these dashing products.

    If you've binge-watched Bridgerton on Netflix in a mere 24 hours (only me?) then these products will for sure be this season's diamonds of your royal affections.

    1. A royally fragrant candle you can light while you get ready for the first ball of the season. Featuring notes of English rose, lily, and honey, your space will smell truly immaculate.

    Bridgerton Candle

    2. An Eloise Bridgerton inspired sweater showcasing a minimalist butterfly design and quote from the independent icon herself. If Eloise said it, that's good enough for me.

    eloise bridgerton crewneck

    3. A stunning art print of the Duke and Duchess of Hastings to hang in your home to remind everyone they're amongst royalty...*cough cough, you, cough cough*.

    Bridgerton Art print framed

    4. A Duke of Hastings bookmark in case you're currently making your way through Julia Quinn's series and need Simon to remind you what page you're on.

    Duke of hastings bookmark

    5. A bust of Michelangelo's David to put out in your grand foyer amongst your other prestigious art that would for sure make the Featheringtons quite jealous.

    Michelangelo's David head bust

    6. A Lady Whistledown mug for drinking tea and also exposing the tea like in her sought-after pamphlets...

    Lady Whistledown mug

    7. A '90s inspired graphic tee featuring the heart throb of season one — Simon Basset. *I am currently adding this to cart as we speak.*

    simon basset 90's inspired shirt

    8. A Karen Jai Home Royals Statue because if you're going to be spending much time fraternizing with potential suitors, then your space must look top-notch.

    Karen Jai king and queen statues

    9. A Lady Whistledown Society Papers Print so you can frame it and put it on display in your new office where you'll be writing all of the town's hot gossip, or just on Zoom calls...

    Lady Whistledown society papers print

    10. A "shall we promenade?" sticker to display on your laptop that'll serve as a reminder that the social season is upon us (ORRRRR just a second season of Bridgerton on the horizon).

    shall we promenade sticker

    11. A pair of white satin gloves to finish off any high-class look you can then wear to every single one of the town's prestigious gatherings ~or~ around the house while you dance to the show's incredible soundtrack.

    White satin gloves

    12. Or this lace glove set for a more regal touch. A visual — you holding a glass of champagne while wearing these gloves *chef's kiss.*

    lace glove set

    13. A wine glass that will show off exactly how you intend to spend the rest of the week — watching Bridgerton and drinking the best glass of wine money can buy.

    Lady Whistledown and Wine glass

    14. A customizable album art phone case you can personalize with your favorite album artwork and song title for a truly iconic phone case that everyone will be pining over. (If this isn't your fave song from the show then you're lying.)

    customizable album art phone case

    15. A mismatched tea cup and saucer so you can have your afternoon tea in true Victorian style — it's what royals do. These are just ~darling.~

    Mismatched tea cup and saucer

    16. A dainty bumblebee necklace that'll serve as an ode to the buzzy bb who makes an entrance at the start of episode one.

    bumblebee necklace

    17. A Society Papers Tote for carrying around your must-have investigative tools like your laptop, sunglasses, and notebook. You wouldn't want to be caught without your essentials in case any hot gossip arises.

    Lady Whistledown tote bag

    18. A Duchess of Hastings hoodie to let the whole world know who your heart belongs to. *Swoons over Simon.*

    Duchess of Hastings Hoodie

    19. An ornate English mirror because your space deserves to be as grand as the queen's. She'd certainly be jealous of this stunning piece.

    Ornate English mirror

    20. A Lady Whistledown notepad set for keeping on your WFH desk so any and all notes you take can be done in Georgian-era style.

    21. A Bridgerton wall collage kit you can download and print to create the most stunning regency era wall in your home. Tip: you can also print and frame these for a stunning gallery wall option!

    bridgerton aesthetic wall collage downloads

    22. A Penelope & Eloise tee since the true stars of Bridgerton are the inseparable and amazing BFF duo. We could all use a friendship like #Peneloise.

    Penelope and Eloise Tee

    23. A Bridgerton sticker set for decorating your 2021 planner, laptop, or phone. Do it, be bold.

    bridgerton sticker set

    24. A vintage style hand mirror so you can bask in your own beauty à la Lady Danbury. You bet she for sure owns at least one of these like the total boss she is.

    Vintage inspired hand mirror

    25. A Selkie Royal Puff dress that looks like it was made at the Modiste by Madame Delacroix herself.

    26. A Bridgerton loose-leaf tea blend featuring notes of hibiscus, peach, and apple for brewing a kettle to enjoy while you re-watch the series for the 10th time.

    Bridgerton loose leaf tea

    27. And a mug that ~literally~ spells out what everyone was thinking when Simon licked that spoon in season one. (Note to self: BE THE SPOON.)

    goals to be the spoon in season two of bridgerton

    28. Or this Duke of Hastings mug where he is ACTUALLY licking said spoon. I need to buy these for me and all my Bridgerton-obsessed friends ASAP.

    Duke of hastings licking spoon mug

    29. A minimalist tee so fellow stans will get the simplistic reference and commend your high taste in Netflix's series.

    Bridgerton tee

    30. A Bridgerton house art print featuring the stunning home of Daphne and her siblings, donned with its whimsical wisteria.

    bridgerton house art print

    31. And a Simon Bassett phone case so you can keep him with you at all times. *Alexa Play "In My Blood" by The Vitamin String Quartet*

    Simon Bassett phone case

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