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    30 Things You Need If You Live For A Neutral Aesthetic

    Welcome to the neutral obsessed club. Happy to have you.

    1. A beige beanie for keeping you warm ~or~ your second or third day hair concealed.

    2. A teddy bear jacket you can size up in and wear oversized for a cozy outerwear option. If you don't already own one of these warm and fuzzy coats, then it's time to pull the trigger.

    3. A gallery wall kit that comes with eight frames and art prints you can hang to become the most stunning neutral focal point in your home. This kit takes the hassle out of having to source your own images and frames that'll be cohesive AND it also comes with a hanging template system.

    4. A dual dispenser for displaying sweets, cereals, or other snacks that'll match your neutral kitchen scheme. Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Gumballs? M&Ms? Yes. Yes. And Yes.

    5. A multi-functional cross-body bag that can be worn as a set or separated and used individually to match your 'fit of the day.

    6. An aesthetically minimal glass tumbler because your smoothie (or iced coffee) should be in a visually appealing drinking glass for #AestheticReasons. This also has over 12,000+ 5 ☆ star ☆ reviews on Amazon, soooo pretty much this is a vetted win for carrying your bevvys.

    7. A David bust candle – it'll make you look like you have a keen eye for tasteful art. Style these amongst a few elegant perfume bottles and some flowers for a stunning table-scape.

    Person holding David bust candles

    8. A pair of Adidas Superstar shoes to keep your footwear game simple and still in sync with the rest of your wardrobe... AKA all neutral tones.

    9. A makeup brush UV sanitizer to disinfect your makeup brushes, because the less germs that are on your makeup brushes the better. Cleaning your makeup brushes will ensure you're less likely to spread yucky germs that can sometimes cause breakouts on the skin.

    10. A cute little night-light you can keep on your side table that'll look just as cute off as it does on. It's touch-sensor so you can dim it with a simple touch of a finger. Why am I so intrigued by this little egg light?

    11. A set of clear glass mugs so you don't have to settle for a color you'll end up hating in a month.

    clear glass double walled mug with coffee in it

    12. A 14-piece silicone utensil set because who doesn't want a monochromatic set of kitchen tools? These look cohesive and will match your minimalistic vibes to a T.

    13. A sleeveless shoulder pad top — perfect for wearing with your layered gold jewelry and a trendy pair of pants.

    14. A pair of slip-on mules if you're shoe-obsessed and can always use a business casual pair in your closet.

    15. A set of pearl headbands – a sophisticated accessory will always be the icing on top of a fantastic look, and these will match EVERYTHING.

    16. A camel tracksuit because your current 2021 wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a cute loungewear set.

    17. A pair of Machete blonde tortoise hoops to accessorize your neutral get-ups with even more neutral accessories. These are super versatile and will match nearly everything.

    machete blonde tortoise hoops

    18. A Nileta sleep set for whenever you need some R&R in the form of tying your hair up with a silk scrunchie, or blocking out the rude sunlight with a silk sleep mask for some beauty rest.

    Nileta sleep set in bone

    19. A Barefoot Dreams throw blanket so soft and cozy you'll never want to leave your bed. The Kardashians love these and so will you...

    Barefoot Dreams blanket in leopard cream/stone color

    20. A Diptyque Baies scented candle so luxurious, every time you burn it you'll feel like a royal. These candles add a gorgeous scent to your space even when unlit, and the minimalist glass jar can be reused for makeup brushes or writing utensils!

    Diptyque candle in Baies scent

    21. A gold bar cart to create a unique space to display your liquors, wineglasses, and mixologist tools all within your neutral color palette.

    Customer showcases gold bar cart with liquors, glasses, floral arrangement and books

    22. A fluffy area rug for adding some cloud-like bliss your cold feet will thank you for. Hardwood floors? This rug is a must.

    23. An affordable minimalist candle subscription that's so aesthetically pleasing your neutrals-loving heart will jump for joy over it. 😍

    24. A handheld milk frother in an array of *swoon-worthy* neutral faux-marble and wood handles so you can keep it on hand for lattes and cappuccinos. You'll for sure find a color that'll suit your aesthetic needs amongst this bunch.

    The milk frother which comes in different wood and stone finishes

    25. A two-piece monochromatic loungewear set because staying comfy, cozy, AND true to your color ~brand~ will pay off when you're snuggled up on the couch and ready for a movie night (or snapping a cute mirror selfie).

    26. A roll of faux marble contact paper in case your current kitchen counter tops are just not cutting it and you need something fresh and new.

    27. A Vera Bradley Teddy Fleece Backpack — perfect if you're obsessed with anything sherpa (guilty as charged). It features a polyester patterned lining and several zipper pockets for maximum organization and comes in your fave color...beige.

    28. An Alder New York cleansing body bar and plant fiber soap dish you'll want to use on a weekly basis during shower exfoliation sessions. The soap features a coconut-derived cleansing system for the most luxe of lathers. (It'll also just look incredibly ~chic~ in your shower.)

    alder new york cleansing bar and soap dish

    29. A faux marble statement ring that'll always match your mani and can be stacked amongst your other coveted jewelry pieces.

    carlyle ring

    30. A baguette shoulder bag so you'll have a new go-to purse to top off all of your future #OOTDs.

    31. And a cream area rug that'll undoubtedly be the new focal point in your living room. The simplicity of the pattern will let your furniture and decor do the talking while pulling together the color palette of the room.

    venice shaggy curves cream area rug in living room

    When your love for neutral-toned things becomes your only personality trait.

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