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    31 Surprisingly Cute Or Pretty Things You Can Get At Walmart

    Everything from housewares to clothing — you've never seen anything ~cuter~ or ~prettier~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of stainless steel water bottles so you can use one for your coffee and one for your water at work, and keep them both hot or cold at the same time! A win-win.

    2. A Kawaii doodle sketchbook to up your artistic skills while drawing some of the cutest characters you've ever laid eyes on. "Kawaii" literally translates to "cute" so you best believe all the food, nature, and animal drawings will be cheek-pinch worthy.

    3. A fuzzy ♡ heart ♡ decorative pillow for a fun addition to couch or bedroom throw pillows. These will be a great accent to any room where you want to add a little bit more love.

    4. An over-the-door jewelry organizer that doubles as a full length mirror so you can keep all of your favorite jewelry neat and tidy and readily available when you need to select an accessory to complete your #OOTD.

    5. A velvet floor pillow in case your home doesn't have an abundance of seating; you can keep these gorgeous velvet pillows handy for additional comfortable floor options.

    6. An Emily Ley hardcover planner so tackling 2020 will be extremely easy (and cute) for you to accomplish.

    7. A four-piece porcelain bowl set if patterned houseware is on your "must-have" list. These legit look like they would've costed a pretty penny from a high-end homeware store (but you got them for a steal.)

    8. A pair of unicorn slippers in case your feet are ~always~ cold, but you also want them to look the absolutely cutest while warming them up. These are what magical dreams are made of!

    9. An initial necklace — it's a simple addition to your day-to-day jewelry that'll look great even when layered with other minimalist necklaces.

    10. An athletic pullover hoodie, because why should adding animal print to your wardrobe stop with athleisure? This color-block pattern is minimal and comfy for running errands or working out.

    11. An iFLY weekend bag that'll make packing a bit more bearable, because it's so aesthetically pleasing. This comes in two beautiful shades that are so pretty, you'll have a tough time picking one!

    12. A Harry Potter hard cover boxed set featuring books one through seven in a carrying chest that's just as authentic as Harry's. You'll be ready for your next school year at Hogwarts...

    13. A "this is us" metal wall hang you can put up in your living room for the ultimate gallery wall starting point. This is minimalist and chic in all the best ways possible.

    14. A cheeky outdoor mat to let your house guests know the only precious cargo they should be bringing through your front door is the merlot...

    15. A sleek crossbody for amping up any outfit and making carrying your essentials (aka your phone, keys, wallet, and makeup products) a cinch. Time to hit the town!!!

    16. A four-pack of garden-themed towels to spruce up your kitchen with pops of florals and bright colors.

    17. A faux fur coat that'll have you looking like a million bucks, even if you didn't spend that much. (Faux) fur is super versatile and can be worn over skinny jeans, or over your dress at the next black-tie event.

    18. A cute plush throw so your bedroom can be the cozy oasis you always dreamed it'd be. Wrap yourself in this patterned blanket for ~maximum~ warmth.

    19. A rainbow sweater you'll want to wear again and again to add some color to your otherwise all-black wardrobe (#guiltyascharged).

    20. A rose gold marble backpack for making the ultimate statement as your next carry-on bag. This bag is wayyyyy too aesthetically pleasing — it's practically begging to be posted on the 'gram.

    21. A Barbie collectible Rosa Parks doll to pay hommage to one of the queens of the Civil Rights movement. A badass collector's item if we've ever seen one...

    22. A Ghirardelli mug and s'mores set so you can finally own a set of ~ADORABLE~ matching mugs and enjoy a round of s'mores with friends. Honestly, I will buy up all of these sets right now, no shame.

    23. A colorblock sweater skirt that's 1000% suitable for work or cocktail hour with friends. This will undoubtedly be a cute, versatile staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

    24. A set of Better Homes & Gardens laundry bags for making any trip to the washer and dryer easier. (Not to mention, wayyyy cuter than struggling to carry your ginormous pile of dirty clothes.)

    25. A Foxybae curling wand in case you're anything like me and normal curling irons will JUST NOT curl your hair. Plus the marble pattern is *so* cute.

    26. A geometric table lamp, because your living space deserves a fabulous light source so you can happily read all the books your heart desires. This lamp is also *a work of art* you'll for sure get compliments on at your next get-together.

    27. A cable knit cardigan for pairing with button-downs for work ~or~ over your tried-and-true tanks and joggers for a cozy loungewear option!

    28. A coastal sunset–scented WoodWick candle in the most eye-catching baby pink color. These candles also have an amazing soothing crackling noise while they burn that I just can't get enough of.

    29. A Pioneer Woman floral coffee maker that'll make a cute statement on your kitchen counter and will also make good use of your Keurig coffee pods for the most important meal of the day — coffee.

    30. A set of wooden, heart-shaped coasters to keep your side tables clean and add a rustic touch to your decor. These will have your home prepped and ready for Valentine's Day!

    31. And a leopard print mini skirt, because you'll want to wear it all winter long with a slouchy sweater and patterned tights. This skirt is made of cotton with a hint of spandex for a more comfortable fit.

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