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    31 Splurge-Worthy Items You'll Be Glad You Bought

    Investing in long-lasting products is the smartest decision you will ever make — and these ones are well worth the splurge.

    1. The Mayfair Group "It Costs $0" crewneck that's a) comfortable and b) spreading the message that being a good person is absolutely free.

    2. A pair of fluffy Uggs since staying cozy this winter equals a justifiable splurge for keeping your feet warm.

    3. A pair of PowerBeats Pro Wireless Earphones so you can stop fumbling with the dreaded headphone wire and opt for a sleek Bluetooth compatible option instead.

    4. A full Harry Potter Vinyl Set with the most aesthetically pleasing scenes from the movie series printed on the records themselves. How could you NOT Instagram these?

    harry potter vinyl on record player

    5. A pair of tie-dye lounge pants that I personally will never be taking off. I would ACTUALLY go out of the house in these and feel trendy at the same time.

    6. Or these plush pink joggers made from a fuzzy knit that'll help you feel like you never even left your bed this morning.

    model wears pink plush joggers

    7. A light-up ☆ star ☆ projector to transform your space into a galactic dream. This may even be (dare I say it) better than looking up at the actual stars?

    8. A velvet accent chair because your home could always use more seating options and this one is just so gosh darn pretty.

    9. A touchscreen toaster with an array of cook settings that'll help you perfectly toast your waffle or English muffin.

    10. A bedside shelf for hosting your must-have essentials like tissues, your smart speaker, and a coaster to hold your cup of coffee. You can also use it as a work desk alternative — grab a cozy floor cushion and make yourself comfortable.

    11. A makeup brush UV sanitizer to disinfect your makeup brushes, because the less germs that are on your makeup brushes the better. Cleaning your makeup brushes will ensure you're less likely to spread yucky germs that can sometimes cause breakouts on the skin.

    12. A mixed colored stemware set because whilst the weather is doom and gloom outside, you can bring the vibrancy inside. Ah, anyone up for a glass of Chardonnay?!

    Six wine glasses; one in blue, purple, orange, green, yellow, and pink

    13. A Barefoot Dreams throw blanket so soft and cozy you'll never want to leave your bed. The Kardashians love these and so will you...

    person walking on beach wrapped in leopard print blanket

    14. A gold bar cart to create a unique space to display your liquors, wine glasses, and mixologist tools.

    Customer showcases gold bar cart with liquors, glasses, floral arrangement and books

    15. A Kindle Paperwhite so you can get your reading on while snuggling by the fire or sitting in the bathtub during some well-deserved "me time." This waterproof tablet will be your new bubble bath BFF.

    A person holding the Kindle with the page very clear to see while outside by the pool

    16. A Boxxle box wine dispenser that can hold up to three liters of wine so you don't have to waste another drop that gets stuck in the bag. Store this sleek appliance on your counter and it'll keep your vino fresh up to six weeks after you pour your first glass.

    boxxle wine dispenser used to dispense wine

    17. A Lilly Pulitzer Kippa Sweater — ideal for creating an effortless outfit that only requires three things: this sweater, a pair of jeans, and your fave booties.

    lilly pulitzer pink kippa sweater

    18. A subscription to Obé Fitness where you can choose from over 5,000+ workout classes so you can have a fitness plan that is catered to your every need. Anyone up for a yoga challenge?

    obe fitness app and classes

    19. A 360 Cookware Sauté Pan that can transport from the stove top to the oven so you won't have to switch cooking vessels ever again. This pan also has 360 vapor cooking technology so your food cooks all the way through when the lid is on.

    360 cookware saute pan with chicken dish inside

    20. A leather backpack that will be a staple in your bag collection through the years and will be able to handle carrying the overabundance of necessities you need with you at all times.

    21. A Samsung Frame that doubles as both a TV screen and a framed work of art. Fool anyone into thinking you have a gajillion-dollar Monet in your living room (and no one will know it's not the real thing...OK OK, maybe they'll know, but it still looks cool.)

    22. A vibrating facial brush so you can get your exfoliating on without having to do much work at all. The brush will deep clean the skin with its high-frequency vibrations which equals unclogged pores! 🎉

    Mallory Mower's hand holding up the palm-sized cleansing brush. It's the shape of a flattened egg, with soft silicone bristles on both sides.

    23. A circular pouf to use as additional seating or as a chic foot rest for your armchair.

    24. A heatable foot massager since you work so hard and deserve some *me-time* after the end of a long day. It features five adjustable air pressure settings and optional heat for some toasty foot pampering.

    25. A 14-karat gold minimalist nameplate necklace you can personalize to display your name, your kiddos' names, or even a word that means the most to you.

    26. A splash shape mirror so your foyer, bedroom, living room, etc. can get the face lift it's needed for some time now. A new decor focal piece? Or selfie mirror? You decide.

    27. A chunky signet ring so you can wear your love of any and all things galactic. (I buy wayyyyy too many ☆ star ☆ themed things and it looks like I won't be stopping any time soon.)

    a square chunky gold ring with a star in the center with a stone in the middle

    28. A pair of Good American distressed jeans because why shouldn't you invest in one of the most versatile clothing pieces in your closet? These have a laid back fit and a trendy raw cut hem.

    29. A chic faux crocodile laptop case because your most important piece of WFH equipment needs to stay in ~pristine~ condition.

    A golden yellow faux crocodile laptop case on a Macbook

    30. A cozy teddy lounge set designed to function as both individual wardrobe pieces and as a full set. If quarantine has caused you to practically live in the same loungewear day after day, this set will fit the bill. If you swap out the bottoms for some jeans — BAM new outfit (and you barely had to change).

    31. And a light up Bluetooth compatible vanity mirror suitable for a Hollywood starlet to get ready with. *Plays "Lucky" by Britney Spears while applying makeup*

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