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    33 Products You’ll Be Dreaming About For Months Because Of How Well They Work

    Visions of these products will dance in your head...

    1. A pack of AirPod cleaners because you're lying to yourself if you think your buds are wax-free... Maneuver this flexible gummy into every crevice so the wax will be no more.

    Blue square with lots of ear wax on it that was removed from an AirPod speaker

    2. A 10-foot long charging chord for your phone in case there are no end tables in sight or outlets super close by. You'll be able to still scroll through TikTok while your phone is charging with this super-lengthy lifesaver.

    3. A handy device so whoever's turn it is to feed the dog will know whether they were fed yet for the day and they don't accidentally get two meals...although I'm sure your pet wouldn't complain, LOL.

    reviewer holding feeding device tracker

    4. A cute hanging basket if you can't be bothered to nail a shelf to your bathroom wall but still need a spot to house your skincare needs. You'll be thoroughly impressed by how many products you can house in this cute basket and how sturdy it is.

    hanging basket

    5. An Always Pan because in your home, it's probs totally unrealistic to have 795 cookware pans so this will be your holy grail. It has a nonstick surface, comes with a vented top, a mesh basket so you can steam your fave veggies, and a spoon that hooks on to the handle so you'll always have one handy. Honestly, if this isn't the holy grail of pans I'm not sure what is...

    6. A Glossier Ultralip that adds gloss and shine to lips with the perfect hint of color. Achieve a "your lips but better" look all while hydrating them post-sunbathing.

    7. A silicone case so you can avoid the tangled mess that is taking your earbuds out of your bag. I personally should've bought this a longgggg time ago.

    8. A grippy silicone strip because no one wants their bag slipping off their arm (the worst). Add this to the strap and it'll stay in place all day.

    9. A 90th Anniversary Mickey Waffle Maker because the reality of hopping on a plane to grab the BEST WAFFLES ON EARTH (don't @ me on this) isn't totally achievable. This maker will make it easy for you to make these mousey morsels at home.

    10. A tube of L'Oreal Voluminous Primer Mascara for the thickest lashes imaginable. It goes on white and adds additional fibers to lengthen and thicken lashes so your new summer makeup routine will consist of lash primer and mascara...and nothing else. (If you've been saying you want lash extensions, this is your inexpensive solution.)

    11. And Essence Lash Princess Mascara to volumize lashes beyond belief. Even if you don't wear as much makeup this time of year, you still want your lashes to be lifted and curled to the heavens. Pop this on top of a primer for that extra ~wow factor~.

    reviewer before and after using mascara

    12. A S'well drink chiller so enjoying that first crisp sip of your fave bevvy can be an every-sip kinda thing. This chiller will keep your cans cold for up to six hours (plenty of time to sip slowly)!

    person holding beer inside swell chiller

    13. A Baker's Edge brownie pan because everyone knows the edges are the best part of this delectable dessert. You can also utilize the pan for testing out different topping options. ~YUM~

    Reviewer's picture of the brownie pin with bordering that makes every piece a corner piece

    14. A bottle of hard-water booster powder that'll bring your coveted mugs back to life. This powder will rid your drinkware of any cloudiness from years of wear and tear.

    reviewer photo of stained mug next to a clean mug after using powder

    15. A charcoal-based toothpaste that's satisfyingly gross scrubbing on your teeth, but will have your teeth whiter with each brush.

    16. A pack of natural green tea oil-blotting sheets to help remove any excess oil on the skin for a mattified look. Keep these in your bag to dab over your T-zone so your makeup stays looking fresh all day.

    17. Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliators that'll undoubtedly replace your yucky, overused loofahs for something that's def more sanitary. Use them dry for a quick "dry brushing" experience or wet to lather up your soap for some deep exfoliation.

    18. Small scrub brushes because using old Colgate toothbrushes to clean your grout might take you quite a long time. These dual-ended scrub brushes can help you pick and scrub any unwanted dirt and stains away! Just pair with a tile cleaner!

    19. A Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand to add a sun-kissed bronze to the skin that looks natural as heck. I swear by this stuff and will probably never stop being a fan. It just blends so well and melts in the skin beautifully.

    20. A bag resealer because somehow all those bag clips you bought a few months ago have magically vanished. This easy-to-use tool will eliminate any potential future purchases of bag clips that will just get lost in the shuffle.

    A reviewer photo of a bag of chia seeds sealed and turned upside down

    21. A handheld garlic press since attempting to mince garlic with a knife is a risky tango with death. Also — all of the pieces will be the same size so they'll cook evenly.

    the rolling handheld garlic press with minced garlic in it

    22. A Frywall — it's ideal for cooking splatter-prone things like bacon without spewing grease all over you and your cooktop. It can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with its durable BPA-free silicone.

    Frywall place inside pan on stove top

    23. A roll-on anti-blister stick in case it's time to break in those cute new shoes and you want to be prepared. This balm features vitamins A and C to restore skin and minimize inflammation.

    person applying balm to back of feet

    24. A set of wool dryer balls so you can cut back on laundry dry time and reduce static. No more crazy static hair when you put on your freshly washed sweater.

    Wool dryer balls

    25. A set of Pantene Rescue Shots in case your dry hair could use some hydration. These help target hair with extreme damage for healthier tresses.

    26. A carpet cleaner so you no longer have to call a carpet steamer to get that red wine stain out that's been there since New Years 2015...

    27. A makeup brush–cleansing shampoo if you hate to admit how long it's actually been since you've given your brushes a solid wash. This shampoo will help diminish any germs that can be spread when applying makeup.

    on the left, a reviewer's makeup brush looking dirty and on the right, the same cleaning brush now looking clean

    28. A travel-size Cuvée Beauty Daily Dose Set to bring hair back to life with its champagne-infused shampoo and conditioner. Not only does it smell super good, but it's great for adding hydration back into color treated hair (bleaching babes, this is for you). Everything you need is in this lineup!

    29. A cream highlighter that will pop on the high bones of your cheeks or (my fave) on the inner corners of your eyes and brow bone!

    30. A handmade organizer for plastic storage bags to stop the inevitable chaos that your drawers turn into after every sandwich bag box is opened.

    Handmade wooden sandwich bag dispenser placed on counter

    31. Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color that'll supply hair with rich, saturated color while simultaneously conditioning. It even works on dark hair (!!!) so you can spice up your summer tresses for something more fun!

    32. An easily hangable T-shirt organizer in case folding your clothes in a way that would make Marie Kondo proud is just not in your repertoire of talents.

    The organizer holding 16 T-shirts while hanging in a closet

    33. A bottle of Argan Oil Thermal Spray because protecting hair before heat tools is V important. It also doubles as a leave-in conditioning serum. So whether you're letting your hair air dry and want to avoid frizz or are getting ready to use that blowout brush, your hair will stay smooth and protected.

    Reviewer's before/after pic using the thermal spray. The after pic shows sleek shiny hair after styling

    About to head to bed so I can dream about these products some more...