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    30 Things That Will Almost Insult You With How Well They Work

    If these products could speak, boy would they be aggressively determined (and also effective as heck).

    1. A Grande Cosmetics' Lash Serum to promote lash growth so you can ditch the makeup since your lashes will already look bomb on their own.

    A before/after of a reviewer's lashes, looking much fuller and longer after

    2. A bottle of hard water booster powder that'll bring your coveted mugs back to life. This powder will rid your drinkware of any cloudiness from years of wear and tear.

    reviewer photo of stained mug next to a clean mug after using powder

    3. A wallpaper-smoothing kit because you're not about to hire a task-rabbit to come put it up for you. This will save you time, money, AND the cringy potential for wrinkles in your gorgeous new wallpaper.

    4. An easily hangable T-shirt organizer in case folding your clothes in a way that would make Marie Kondo proud is just not in your repertoire of talents.

    The organizer holding 16 T-shirts while hanging in a closet

    5. Fanola Purple Shampoo that'll brighten and maintain blonde tresses without having to shell out big bucks for toning appointments at the salon. Doing a lot of pool swimming lately? Invest in this shampoo, you won't be sorry.

    reviewer before and after photo using shampoo

    6. A powerful grout cleaner in case you're tired of scrubbing the heck out of your floors without any results to show for the hard work. This will loosen up the dirt and get them looking brand spanking new.

    Reviewer's tiles before using grout cleaner on the left and the after results on the right

    7. A fur remover broom to gather all their shed hair into one collective pile. TBH, there's probs a lot baked into your carpet that you didn't even know was there...

    pile of fur from carpet

    8. An electric pressure washer in case your deck is looking a little dirty and the thought of cleaning it is daunting. This one's lightweight and has different stream types for dummy-proof use! Utilize it to remove any dirt and residue off of your patio furniture, windows, and fence.

    9. Essence Lash Princess Mascara to volumize lashes beyond belief. Even if you don't wear as much makeup this time of year, you still want your lashes to be lifted and curled to the heavens.

    reviewer before and after using mascara

    10. A charcoal-based toothpaste that's satisfyingly gross scrubbing on your teeth, but will have your teeth whiter with each brush.

    11. A pack of silver cleaning wipes so you can deep clean your precious jewelry so it stays shiny and pristine.

    right: reviewer's bracelet looking tarnished and dark grey left: reviewer's bracelet looking shiny and silver

    12. A leather Bagnet since placing your coveted handbag on the floor is ~gross.~ This bagnet will magnetize to any metal chair or barstool!

    13. A pack of natural green tea oil-blotting sheets to help remove any excess oil on the skin for a mattified look. Keep these in your bag to dab over your T-zone so your makeup stays looking fresh all day.

    14. A roll on anti-blister stick in case it's time to break in those cute new shoes and you want to be prepared. This balm features vitamins A and C to restore skin and minimize inflammation.

    person applying balm to back of feet

    15. An all-natural surface scrub that in tandem with a little elbow grease, will have your grout, countertops, shower, and sinks sparkling. With hardworking citrus essential oil, this paste will go a long way with a cloth.

    16. A set of wool dryer balls so you can cut back on laundry dry time and reduce static. No more crazy static hair when you put on your freshly washed sweater.

    Wool dryer balls

    17. A Peripera Lip Stain for that "I just ate a Popsicle" flush that'll last all day. It'll even stay on after eating — so this is perf for dinner dates.

    18. A sugar-saving bear to drop into your brown sugar so it stays scoopable and doesn't turn into a brick. Making cookies is super difficult when it calls for brown sugar and yours is hard as a rock.

    19. A set of Pantene Rescue Shots in case your dry hair could use some hydration. These help target hair with extreme damage for healthier tresses.

    20. A pack of AirPod cleaners because you're lying to yourself if you think your buds are wax-free... Maneuver this flexible gummy into every crevice so the wax will be no more.

    Blue square with lots of ear wax on it that was removed from an AirPod speaker

    21. An acne patch for keeping handy on pesky breakout days where you need to scram (fast). They feature hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil for gentle extraction. They're also extremely satisfying when they peel off with all that face goop.

    22. A carpet cleaner so you no longer have to call a carpet steamer to get that red wine stain out that's been there since New Years 2015...

    23. A bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo to not only prolong washes, but will help kick pesky flakes goodbye.

    24. A Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner featuring a waterproof formula that doesn't budge even through sweaty workout sessions and trips to the pool. A winged liner that lasts all day in the heat? Magic.

    reviewer showing before and after a workout class wearing eyeliner

    25. A special sweater pill-remover stone in case that Disney sweatshirt you bought on your eighth grade field trip is your holy grail loungewear piece and its age is showing by the overabundance of pillage. This stone will have it looking good as new and will restore your inner eighth grade-self's trust in all that is good in the world.

    26. A makeup brush cleansing shampoo if you hate to admit how long it's actually been since you've given your brushes a solid wash. This shampoo will help diminish any germs that can be spread when applying makeup.

    on the left, a reviewer's makeup brush looking dirty and on the right, the same cleaning brush now looking clean

    27. A Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaning kit — perfect for restoring your stovetop back to it's crystal clean state BEFORE you decided to make that stir-fry last week...

    Above, a scratched and stained smooth top range with the text "before." Below, the range clean with the stains gone and the text "After"

    28. A Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum featuring a blend of antioxidants that'll kick discoloration and breakouts to the curb.

    29. A handmade organizer for plastic storage bags to stop the inevitable chaos that your drawers turn into after every sandwich bag box is opened.

    Handmade wooden sandwich bag dispenser placed on counter

    30. A chic freezer storage chart that'll have you actually getting your life together and anyone who passes by the fridge will KNOW you have your life together because the fridge will be perfectly stocked. Go you!

    A black and white printable of freezer storage times for different types of food

    Honestly, these products can yell at me any day...