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    34 Products You'll Probably Want If You're Having A ~Treat Yourself~ Moment

    Makeup, self-care goodies, fashion deserve it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of bath bombs that will fizz and foam in the bath for a self-pampering sesh you'll need after a long hard day's work. *Alexa play, "A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles*

    The bath bombs, each wrapped in brown paper

    2. A luxury faux fur blanket — keep it on your couch, your chair, or even your bed so you can live in the *cozy* lap of luxury.

    Customer using luxury faux throw blanket

    3. An aesthetically minimal glass tumbler for hosting your morning smoothie or iced coffee. This also has over 20,700+ 5 ☆ star ☆ reviews on Amazon, soooo pretty much this is a vetted win for carrying bevvys.

    4. A Nileta sleep set for whenever you need some R&R in the form of tying your hair up with a silk scrunchie, or blocking out the rude sunlight with a silk sleep mask for some beauty rest.

    Nileta sleep set in bone

    5. A Charlotte Tilbury face palette that comes in a chic compact so all of your face products can be in one easy-to-travel-with combo. The shimmery eyeshadows will have you feeling like a million bucks.

    6. A jar of ancient healing clay to keep on hand for an easy at-home face mask. The clay is made to draw out impurities and leave the skin silky smooth.

    model applying ancient healing clay as a mask

    7. A tulle ruffle-shoulder bodysuit for anyone who loves to keep their money where they can see it — hanging in their closet.

    8. A pair of round circle sunglasses to achieve the Ray-Bans look without the Ray-Bans price tag.

    9. A gothic year ring you can wear to commemorate a year that's meaningful to you, whether it was your birth year, the year you got engaged, or to honor your Grandma.

    10. A set of Rock Grace Mocktails that are supercharged with crystal energy if you're a crystal buff yourself. This is a great option if you're trying to cut back on alcohol, but still want to enjoy a mocktail every once in a while.

    Rock Grace new moon release and rock grace ruby drink set

    11. A gorgeous bar cart to display your spirits and cordials in the chicest way possible. Martini anyone?

    reviewer image of bar cart

    12. A set of copper-lined wineglasses that'll look super ~cool~ on your bar cart amongst your decanters and liquor bottles. Basic wine glasses don't stand a change against these glimmering goblets.

    model pouring red wine into a wine glass with a copper design

    13. High-waisted faux leather shorts with a stretchy paper bag waistline that'll perfectly cinch over your go-to crop tops and tees. These are a great summer alternative to your leather leggings and are warm weather-approved.

    the black high-waisted faux leather shorts

    14. A Barefoot Dreams throw blanket so soft and cozy you'll never want to leave your bed. The Kardashians love these and so will you...

    Barefoot Dreams blanket in leopard cream/stone color

    15. A trendy graphic crewneck to add a bit of color and coziness to your loungewear lineup. Oversize crews are my fave at the moment and I'm confident will be yours too.

    16. A vibrating facial brush so you can get your exfoliating on without having to do much work at all. The brush will deep clean the skin with its high-frequency vibrations which equals unclogged pores! 🎉

    Mallory Mower's hand holding up the palm-sized cleansing brush. It's the shape of a flattened egg, with soft silicone bristles on both sides.

    17. A pair of braided sandals in a classic nude color to style with your favorite sundresses and flowy pants.

    18. An LED vanity mirror so your next glam sesh can be accompanied by some bomb lighting. This also has a few storage slots so you can keep your holy grail foundation within an arm's reach.

    19. A botanical garden candle that'll deliver a fresh aroma of heirloom leaves, orchid, and herbs to your space. Light this during your next bubble won't be sorry.

    botanical garden candle

    20. A jade roller and gua sha set — perfect for a nighttime pamper sesh. These are all the craze on TikTok and honestly worth the hype (I have one and am in love)!

    jade roller and gua sha set

    21. A pair of Machete blonde tortoise hoops to accessorize your neutral get-ups with even more neutral accessories. These are super versatile and will match nearly everything.

    machete blonde tortoise hoops

    22. A wide brim fedora hat — the perfect accessory to add a little extra something to your wardrobe. (A must have for second or third day hair, you're welcome.)

    23. A house plant box if you can never have enough leafy goodness in your home. Satisfy your green thumb with this subscription box that comes with a variety of succulents, airplants, and more!

    house plant subscription box

    24. An Amanda Deer Sunburst Ring that can be worn together or individually for a minimalist moment. The set features a gorgeous opal stone for an effortless shimmer and shine.

    25. The Good Advice Cupcake pin to display on your fave jean jacket or tote to let everyone know that ~your life is currently chaotic at the moment.~ (Trendy AND honest, LOL.)

    good advice cupcake pin saying i have no idea what i'm doing

    26. A Haus Laboratories lip gloss (from Lady Gaga's beauty line) that'll be the cherry on top of your makeup look. Give your pout a break from the matte liquid lipsticks and opt for this shine-inducing option instead.

    27. A John Frieda hot brush in case you want salon-status hair but your bank account is telling you *nope.* This'll style dry *and* wet hair and its ~ionic technology~ tames frizz and adds shine at the same time.

    28. A pair of soft pajamas so when you get your beauty rest you don't have to sacrifice cuteness for comfort.

    room service short sleeve pajama set in moon pattern

    29. A sour candy bucket in case you can never have too many puckery sweets. Time for a top notch movie night, I'm thinking Legally Blonde!?

    sour lovers bucket

    30. A huge set of colorful scrunchies so you'll never be without one again. These come in 60 different colors so you'll have one to match every 'fit.

    reviewer picture of 60 piece scrunchie set

    31. A huge sloth hooded blanket to combine the love of your favorite animal with your favorite part of the day — nap time.

    32. A skin steamer and spatula set because you don't need to spend sky-high spa pricing for a truly relaxing and life-changing skin experience.

    33. A disco ball plant holder because the party is wherever the plants are. PLUS, when the light hits it just right, the sparkles are amazingggggg.

    hanging disco ball planter

    34. An electric bubble massage mat to spice up bath time with a built-in heater and aroma clip for essential oils. BRB, never getting out of the tub again.

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