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    35 Products That Should Absolutely Exist Already In Your Must-Have Lineup

    What have you been doing before these products — the answer is you don't know.

    1. A travel-size facial mist to add some hydration back to your skin and hair (flights can be draining). It can also be used as a makeup setting spray!

    2. A bag cinch because the amount of times the twisty tie goes missing on your whole wheat is more than you'd like to admit.

    the big cinch being used to close a bag of bread

    3. A pack of five tea bags in case you're in a movie-watching or book-reading mood and need a whimsical cup of tea to indulge in simultaneously.

    4. A wireless strapless bra for keeping handy for any off-the-shoulder dresses or tees you may be wearing in the near future. Honestly — having no wire is a major game changer. No more getting poked from that painful (and uncomfortable) underwire.

    5. A pair of round circle sunglasses to achieve the Ray-Bans look without the Ray-Bans price tag.

    6. A Levi's denim jacket that will stand the test of time and quite literally never go out of style.

    model wearing original trucker jacket

    7. High-waisted faux-leather shorts with a stretchy paper-bag waistline that'll perfectly cinch over your go-to crop tops and tees. These are a great summer alternative to your leather leggings and are warm weather approved.

    8. An aesthetically minimal glass tumbler for hosting your morning smoothie or iced coffee. This also has over 21,600+ 5 ☆ star ☆ reviews on Amazon, soooo pretty much this is a vetted win for carrying bevvys.

    9. An LED vanity mirror so your next glam sesh can be accompanied by some bomb lighting. This also has a few storage slots so you can keep your holy-grail foundation within an arm's reach.

    10. A disco ball plant holder because the party is wherever the plants are. PLUS, when the light hits it just right, the sparkles are amazingggggg.

    hanging disco ball planter

    11. A compact sand-repelling blanket that's also waterproof so you can use it while hiking, at the beach, or for a picnic in the park. It even folds up into a super-small carrying pouch.

    12. A do-everything moisturizer so you can nix having to pack a face mask, highlighter, lip balm, and hair treatment. This is your new skincare secret weapon.

    person holding moisturizer bottle

    13. A Maxbone x Bambi raincoat for your pup that'll not only keep them dry on their daily walks, but will have them looking all kinds of chic and magical.

    14. A houseplant box if you can never have enough leafy goodness in your home. Satisfy your green thumb with this subscription box that comes with a variety of succulents, air plants, and more! You'll get one plant per box to add to your ever-growing collection.

    house plant subscription box

    15. An Amanda Deer sunburst ring that can be worn together or individually for a minimalist moment. The set features a gorgeous opal stone for an effortless shimmer and shine.

    16. A tube of Glossier Solar Paint for mimicking that gorgeous summer glow that may fade quickly as we progress into fall (cries). A couple dabs of this on the skin will look like it never left.

    17. A huge set of colorful scrunchies so you'll never be without one again. These come in 60 different colors so you'll have one to match every 'fit.

    reviewer picture of 60 piece scrunchie set

    18. A Baby Yoda night-light if your room is in some desperate need of ~galactic glow~ in the wee hours of the night. When in doubt, Baby Yoda will always be there to *light* the way.

    19. A Revlon One-Step hair dryer that many TikTokers say is a solid dupe for the super-expensive Dyson Airwrap. Now you can finally achieve salon-worthy hair at a fraction of the cost with this easy-to-use styler.

    20. A Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick and tripod if you're going sightseeing and want to ensure you can get pics with your companions without having to bother strangers to take them for you.

    21. A Conquering that displays an affirming message when spun. This sleek ring will take the place of your fidget spinner so whenever you need a quick thing to focus on (such as when you get a hint of anxiety) take the ring off and give it a spin.

    22. A set of claw-shaped hair clips to channel those Rachel Green vibes that'll keep hair out of your face and effortlessly styled.

    23. A luxe all-natural cotton blanket that's soft, warm, and not incredibly heavy so you can snuggle up in style. This blanket is so durable, you'll never have to invest in another one.

    24. Facial and eyebrow razors to keep on top of your brows between your waxing sessions or to forgo them all together. I love these for cleaning around my jawline and my upper lip!

    25. A handheld milk foamer if you're working on expanding your barista skills so you can finally stop heading to your local coffee shop for an overpriced latte and save some ca$h.

    iced coffee with frothed milk on top

    26. An attachable wine aerator for turning every bottle of wine (even the lower-end ones) into a luxurious bottle of vino. This will bolden the flavor and create an aromatic and luxe wine experience for you and your guests.

    bottle of wine being poured with wine pourer spout on top

    27. A pair of faux-leather loafers to fool everyone and yourself into thinking you spent an abundance of $$$ on designer loafers when really they didn't even break the bank. #Score

    reviewer wearing mules in white

    28. A Glossier Super Pack Serum Set that'll have all of your skin concerns handled. It comes with three serums — Super Pure, Super Glow, and Super Bounce — that'll tighten, hydrate, and brighten your skin to new heights.

    29. A three-pack of Sichuan Sauces you'll want to drizzle on top of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. You'll have difficulty choosing which sauce to use at your next meal...

    30. An Always Pan because in your home, it's probs totally unrealistic to have 795 cookware pans so this will be your holy grail. It has a nonstick surface, comes with a vented top, a mesh basket so you can steam your fave veggies, and a spoon that hooks on to the handle so you'll always have one handy. Honestly, if this isn't the holy grail of pans I'm not sure what is...

    31. A clear travel case to store makeup products and toiletries or for organizing your underwear and socks in your suitcase. You'll easily be able to spot the item you're looking for.

    makeup inside grey case

    32. A bidet so instead of having to upgrade your current porcelain throne to a more expensive one, you can just pop this baby on to your current one for the royal ~booty~ treatment. This'll help you reduce your toilet paper use AND your carbon footprint.

    Bidet on toilet seat. It has a bamboo knob.

    33. A Swell Marble Shaker Set to elevate your bar cart from ~meh~ to ~marvelous.~ Impress any future company with your bartending skills and look chic while doing it.

    34. A splurge-worthy mattress that can be delivered right to your door and will be the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. It'll even help with heat regulation while you sleep so you'll be comfy cozy at all hours of the night.

    35. A shoe cabinet for a clean and easy way to store your footwear and your guests'. Time to say ~goodbye~ to that pile of shoes that sit by your front door. (It can hold over 30 pairs of shoes!)

    We need all the things.