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    36 Products That Are No-Brainers Because It's Too Hot To Think

    Every single one of these products will make beating the heat an absolute breeze.

    1. CeraVe SA body wash for diminishing razor bumps and scaly skin with its salicylic acid formula that exfoliates gently (unlike harsh, rough scrubs). If you tend to shave often in the summer or are prone to getting those small bumps on your arms (called keratosis pilaris), then this wash is for you.

    reviewer holding bottle of body wash near bath tub
    reviewer before and after image of how keratosis pilaris diminished after using wash

    Promising reviews: "I've been loving this product. It's great for the summer when I sweat more than usual. It really takes care of the breakouts I seem to get from my workout bra on my back and chest. It's also been great using on the back of my legs where I tend to get bumps from sitting down at my desk all day." —Cheyenne Rousseau

    "Bought this for my 10-year-old daughter who has keratosis pilaris on her arms. This before and after photo is after two washes! Her upper arms are perfectly smooth now and she is very happy with the results." —MRenee82

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99

    2. Or these exfoliating mitts that buff away dead skin to reveal fresh, new skin that'll feel oh so smooth. This mitt will help you satisfyingly remove any and all flakes. It's also great if you apply self tanner and need to prep the skin for a new application! 

    reviewer's leg next to the black mitt, both of which are covered in dead skin that was rubbed off by the mitt
    reviewer's hand in the black mitt, which is covered in dead skin

    Promising review: "I use lotion or oil every day, sometimes both. It helps my mild dermatitis. But I also need help getting extra exfoliation. Especially after I sweat. These pads are amazing and you literally see the dead skin rolling off. Hot water isn’t great for sensitive skin but you need to steam your body before using this. Whether it’s in a bath or you take time in the shower to do so. Circular motions and light pressure work best for me. I finally feel clean and my strawberry legs stay clear. I will always buy these if they continue to make them. It’s a staple for the summer months." —Bray

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (also available as a pair). 

    3. A foot file because it'll help keep your feet callus-free and feelin' fresh if you plan on wearing sandals straight into fall.

    Promising review: "I'm not one to talk about my feet. I've had circulation problems for years that are just now resolving and that has lead to deep calluses on the heel of both feet. I bought this on a whim as I have tried other products in the past with no luck. Twenty minutes later I'm touching baby-smooth skin where there used to be deep cracks and rough broken skin. This thing is a miracle-worker and if I could rate it 10 stars I would." —Gully176

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    4. A set of bra strap clips since you probs know the struggle of wearing your bra with a summery racerback tank... These make it easy to wear your fave bra and ensure that the straps stay hidden. They'll also guarantee your straps won't fall down your shoulders.

    reviewer wearing razor bra strap clips on bra
    person before and after using razor bra strap clips on bra under a tank top

    Promising review: "This is the handiest old-fashioned/forgotten remedy for a falling strap! Plus, it reduced aggravation to my shoulder caused by having to often reach and replace my strap, creating repetitive motion pain to my shoulder! Clip on one strap, put on your bra, then reach back to attach your bra strap holder high across your shoulders. Tricky at first but it becomes easier. I will rebuy to keep a supply as they lose elasticity." —BB

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $6.97+ (available in five color sets).

    5. A moisturizing hair treatment if the heat and sun have been taking a toll on your tresses. Give your mane the moisture it needs to keep it smooth, healthy, and hydrated.

    to the left, an image of brown hair with the text
    Reviewer with natural hair that looks voluminous, healthy, and shiny
    @lorealparis / Via,

    Promising review: "It really works! My hair is brittle and dry, breaking frequently. I also live in an extremely humid area (South Florida). I never could get that shiny healthy polished hair look in the summer. Until now. I didn’t even need conditioner and it’s so sleek and silky looking and feeling. No longer dry and easily tangled. So smooth, moisturized without being weighed down. It did feel a bit warm when applying. I took care to avoid getting it on my scalp and just on the hair about an inch away from the root to the bottom. I have a shoulder-length bob." —Bonnie

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    6. A LilyAna Naturals eye cream to improve the look of fine lines and dark under-eye circles with its advanced botanical formula. This is perfect to keep handy if you've been having a lot of late nights this summer and could benefit from looking like you haven't skimped out on sleep. It'll help rid your eyes of puffiness and discoloration.

    LilyAna Naturals is a small business that specializes in clean, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products.

    Promising review: "I have been using this daily for about eight months now. It reduced the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. It has brightened up my eye area. I am very surprised as I have paid much more for eye creams that have done so much less. I recently had pre-cancerous cells removed at the bridge of my nose. After healing, I was left with a dark scar. The dermatologist told me that it would heal over time. Since I began to apply this eye cream, the mark has almost disappeared entirely. I shop constantly from Amazon. This is the first time that I have taken the time to write a review. That's how impressed I am with this product. If you decide to purchase this, you won't be sorry." —Lynda M.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available three sizes and in a pack of two).

    7. A cold brew maker because hot coffee and hot weather simply do not mix. I don't make the rules, I just enforce them (with chilled caffeine suggestions).

    Diagram showing the three-step process of using the cold brew maker

    Promising review: "If you LOVE iced coffee (I drink it year round regardless of the weather) then you NEED this cold brewer. I work for Starbucks and I love our cold brew. I was skeptical to make it at home but I love it more than theirs. It’s especially nice since Starbucks only brews one kind of beans for cold brew, but at home you can brew your favorite kind. Absolutely love this and it’s worth more than it costs. A must-buy for yourself or a wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life!" —j.blaine

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors).

    8. A creamy paw butter so you can keep your furry friend's paws protected from those sun-drenched sidewalks and concrete that can rough up their paw pads. 

    Promising review: "This smells so good, I wish it was a human product! If you like the smell of baked goods, you'll probably enjoy this scent, too. It's like a sweet brown sugar cinnamon kind of thing and I have to remind myself it's not edible. If it was a candle scent available for purchase, I'd stock up because I want my house to smell like it! I got this for my rescue pup who had very dry paws. I didn't notice a huge difference the first time I used it, but the second time was right after a bath and I noticed a really big change in the appearance and feel of her paws. I also like that it doesn't leave the coat around her paws greasy. I'll definitely keep using and buying more of this as we live in Arizona and worry about super dry paws our hot summer days. The quality of this product makes me want to check out the others from Pet Head!" —Elizabeth

    Get it from Amazon for $7.16.

    9. A pack of Affresh washing machine cleaning tablets for keeping the machine that washes your clothes squeaky clean. Hotter temps = sweatier clothes and more loads of laundry. Keep your washing machine in pristine (and good smelling) condition.

    reviewer image of inside of washing machine after it was cleaned with affresh tablets
    affresh packaging

    Promising review: "I saw this on TikTok and had to give it a try. It’s very easy just throw it in there and throw on the self cleaning mode for my washer. My washer was musty beforehand and came out with no smell at all. It freshened up the drum. Since I used it, my clothes have smelled stronger of my detergent. I also purchased the dishwasher tabs as well and they work very well too. Definitely worth giving it a try." —Adamsp17

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $8.98

    10. A stainless-steel insert you can pop on your charcoal grill to take pizza night to an all new level. Sick of hotdogs and hamburgers? Try making a tasty pizza instead — we guarantee the whole fam will loveeee it. 

    reviewer image of pizza being cooked on grill with pizza kit
    reviewer image of kettle pizza kit on grill

    Kettle Pizza is a small business started by friends Al Contarino and George Peters. 

    Promising review: "I really researched and shopped around before I purchased this from Amazon. I cooked my first pizza on it and it came out like a pro!! We will be using this especially during the summer as it pretty much stay in the triple digits here (the Mojave Desert). I cannot believe it took less than 10 minutes to bake an entire pizza. I recommend that you go to the KettlePizza website to get pointers from some of the celebrity chefs that they have videos of. These pointers really did help me to cook a perfect pizza!" —Kim Suzanne

    Get it from Amazon for $129.

    11. A pack of underarm shields to protect your favorite tops from absorbing underarm sweat and causing stains. They also help diminish odors so you can worry less about feeling ~stinky~. If you ask me, these are genius.

    Model wearing the pads, which look like large panty liners

    Promising review: "I love these. I have a few cute summer dresses with sleeves — eeek! The first time I tried the shields it was 104 degrees at an outdoor event, and I was sweating bullets! The shields worked BEAUTIFULLY. Not a sweat stain in sight." —Cosmic Girl

    Get a pack of 24 from Amazon for $14.99.

    12. A benzoyl peroxide body wash for your face and body (including your undercarriage area) because swamp booty is all too real in higher temps. If you're dealing with buttne and irritation like chafing or clogged pores, then give this wash a whirl. It has benzoyl peroxide, which helps target acne-causing bacteria that can occur on the skin due to sweat. It's safe to use on your face, too! 

    reviewer image before and after using wash on bacne
    bottle of dr. song face and body wash

    Promising review: "The awful topic no one wants to talk about: acne on your behind.... Well, I've suffered from this my whole life and only now at 25 did I finally decide to look into doing something outside of my norm. Dr. Song's Benzoyl Peroxide Wash has finally given me the comfort I've been hoping for! It's magic — within two days of using it, my (especially red and irritated from the summer time), buttne began to disappear. Now, a week into using it and all dark spots left from years of improper exfoliation causing irritation and scarring. I am beyond pleased and will continue to order, and reorder Dr Song's! Highly highly recommend!" —Summer Malloy

    Get it from Amazon for $21.98+ (available in two strengths).

    13. A mold and mildew remover if the hot summer weather makes the mildew buildup in your shower out of control (it also doesn't help if you don't have windows or vents to help with steam). Pop this gel on, let it sit, and then rinse off for a cleaner and mold-free shower. 

    Promising review: "You guys. I’m embarrassed to even show you this. The grout around our tub was DISGUSTING. It was never caulked right and it got gross very quickly. I would scrub. The cleaning lady would scrub. It would get worse. Well, I came across this in a BuzzFeed list, and this stuff made me curious. I don’t know why it doesn’t have 10,000 good reviews. Seriously. All I did was squeeze it on and walk away. I let it sit overnight. Check this out. Buy it. Like today." —KarynB

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    14. A talc-free sweat-absorbing powder for placing virtually anywhere that you tend to get sweaty. It has calamine as an ingredient to prevent irritation — aka, put this in your undies and thank me later.

    image of product sitting in pantry closet

    Promising review: "I can never review this highly enough. I've gotten at least five people hooked on it this year. This makes a HUGE difference with chub rub. It doesn't get rid of sweat between your thighs but it completely reduces friction. Great under your totties in the summer and basically anywhere that skin rubs. Get it." —Elizabeth

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99.

    15. A clinical-strength antiperspirant in case you've tried it all and nothing seems to keep your pits from profusely sweating. This roll-on deodorant has aluminum chloride that blocks sweat and will help keep you dry for up to 72 hours. 

    The roll-on tube
    Reviewer wearing the antiperspirant showing it didn't leave behind sweat stains on their shirt

    Promising review: "Just got inside from 80-degree weather. I CANNOT believe I have no sweat marks. To be dramatic, this is life-changing. To be modest, this is life changing. Haha. I was always so embarrassed going anywhere! No matter the weather I was always dripping sweat from under my arms. I was always so self-conscious, leaving parties early, known as the sweater! No more! I’m seriously so excited about this." —Liz

    Get it from Amazon for $5.67.

    16. An immunity-boosting allergy supplement if your pup gets hit with allergies when the heat is in full swing. These soft chews feature probiotics and additional nutrients that help with immune function, digestion, and also improving the silkiness of their coat. 

    Reviewer before and after photos showing the allergy supplements helped treat their dog's bald patches
    Before photo of a dog with a red, irritated belly
    Same reviewer's dog after taking the allergy supplements, which calmed the dog's skin and made it less red

    Promising review: "I have a German Shepherd, Roscoe, that has had skin allergies every summer and spring his whole life. He'll chew himself bald unless we get him steroids from the vet. We've tried shampoos, sprays, creams, nothing really did the trick. I bought this stuff and his hair is growing back in and he can roll in the grass and not come back in and not chew himself raw. It definitely works for my dog where some of the other one I've picked up from big box stores and pet stores haven't." —M. Pfaff

    Get them from Amazon for $28.97.

    17. An acne patch that'll literally *suck out* your blemishes and help them heal quicker while still being gentle on your skin. Pore-clogging sunscreen and sweating in the hotter months can be a recipe for breakouts so keeping these handy will make your life so much easier.

    Reviewer photo of square acne patch that is filled with pimple discharge
    Reviewer photo of cheeks with dark red acne scars and breakouts
    Same reviewer's cheeks, which are now a more even skin tone and free of almost all breakouts

    Promising review: "This really works. Even though it doesn't completely prevent my cystic acne, it definitely does help reduce the swelling and make the cysts go away much faster. So easy to use and they stay on all night or all day; they don't slip off like other brands. I've purchased so many times and I will continue to do so. Nothing else I've tried works as well at treating acne, especially cysts deep under the skin, as this does!" —Kelly Dixon

    Get 40 round patches from Amazon for $8.49 (also available in XL square patches).

    Check out our Avarelle acne patch deep dive to learn more.

    18. A Nivea sunscreen so you can give your skin the UV protection it needs without clogging your pores and causing breakouts. 

    The sunscreen on BuzzFeed editor's palm to show the texture
    Gif of BuzzFeed editor rubbing in the sunscreen
    Melanie Aman / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed editor Melanie Aman notes why this is one of her fave sunscreens:

    "As someone who grew up in the Sunshine State, I have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen. I have distinct memories of slathering goopy white sunscreen on my face before rowing practice in high school and hating how thick and greasy it felt on my face. TBH that's been my experience with most sunscreens; they're heavy, extremely oily (even the ones that claim to sink in quickly), and they always leave behind a white cast. Or they absorb quickly but dry out my skin, making any dry patches extremely noticeable.

    This sunscreen has raised the bar, which honestly was like an inch off the ground because of how much I've been burned by sunscreens in the past, for what a sunscreen should feel like. It's lightweight but not runny, and it sinks into my skin so quickly without leaving a white cast. (Reviewers with darker skin also echo me here!) I am prone to those annoying little forehead bumps but this hasn't triggered any in the four-ish months that I've been using it. Plus, it hasn't set off any cheek maskne, which I experienced with other thicker sunscreens. At ~$13 it is a steal and I will buy all of it on Amazon if you don't snag a bottle for yourself." 

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    19. Or a Bolden moisturizer with SPF 30 that dries clear on the skin with no chalky residue or white-cast. This product was formulated with melanin-rich skin tones in mind and also contains vitamin C to help brighten skin and reverse any sun damage.

    gif of reviewer rubbing the moisturizer onto their face
    reviewer's face looking bright and radiant after applying the moisturizer

    Bolden is a Black woman-owned small biz making skincare products that are never tested on animals. 

    Promising reviews: "I love this moisturizer. Being a dark-skinned African American, I find that often times sunscreen leaves a residue. This is the first sunscreen I've ever used that doesn't leave any weird discoloration, feels great on my skin, and it aids in reducing hyperpigmentation. I even have sensitive skin and haven't had any breakouts while using Bolden's sunscreen. A pump and a half is all I need for my face and neck. I highly recommend it and will be buying more for my family." —Missy D

    "I love this product. It’s lightweight and I feel secure when I’m in the sun, especially when I apply it on top of serum that increases sun sensitivity." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99

    20. A balcony bar because nothing says summer like refreshing bevys at sunset or your morning coffee at sunrise. This makes both possible with a nice place to keep your drinks.

    The wooden balcony bar with plates, cups, and candles on it
    Best Balcony Bars / Etsy

    Best Balcony Bars is a Denver-based small business.

    Promising review: "Beautiful, hand-crafted, custom-fit to my railing. Creator is great to deal with on a custom piece. Everyone compliments it. I eat or have drinks on it every day and prefer it to eating at my dining room table! The second tier is ideal serving dishes, glasses, bottles, and the main tier is ideal for main dishes, computers, and notebooks while optimizing my patio functionality and keeping me at my serene view throughout my day. Great custom piece!" —Travis Horn

    Get it from Best Balcony Bars on Etsy for $175.95+ (available in two sizes and four colors).

    21. A pack of aluminum-free deodorant wipes in case you happened to forget to put on your deodorant this morning and need to refresh your underarms. 

    The wipes

    Promising review: "I have always suffered from bad odor on my underarms since I have very delicate skin, so I can't use strongly scented deodorants. I'm always trying out cream deodorant or gels, but it either irritates my skin or it doesn't stop my bad odor. THIS IS THE BEST INVENTION EVER. I LOVE IT! I can't believe that something finally works! My armpits don't smell bad. I can finally move my arms freely. The scent is wonderful; I love the smell and it's not harsh on my skin. Even after a long day, my underarms are still smelling like coconut." —Patricia

    Get 30 wipes from Amazon for $8.99.

    22. A Revlon hot air brush for a salon-worthy blowout that'll stay put and have your hair looking silky even through summer humidity.

    Reviewer who has straightened hair of their tight curly hair with the hot air brush
    Another reviewer with natural curly hair
    The same reviewer with their hair straightened with the hot air brush

    The brush has special vents that allow air to flow so hair dries faster. Plus, it's quicker than using a dryer and then a flat iron or curling iron, which equals less heat damage.

    Promising review: "I have been looking for this product my whole life. I have baby-fine hair and live in a humid climate, so my whole life I have battled extreme frizz. So many hair products and heating tools that have never managed to keep the frizz it bay, but this tool is truly revolutionary. All I use now is a little bit of heat protector before drying with the tool, and my hair is frizz free until I next wash it. This is the only heating tool I will ever need!" —ladydewinter

    Get it from Amazon for $32.49+ (available in two styles). If you've tried this and it hasn't suited your hair type, then give the paddle brush version a whirl. Reviewers with 3A–4C hair love it.