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    If You Plan To Spend The Next 24 Hours On The Couch Then These 25 Products Will Be Right Up Your Alley

    Full-on couch potato status.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An aesthetically minimal glass tumbler so you can enjoy your smoothie or iced coffee while you plop your butt on the couch to watch the morning news.

    2. And a CouchCoaster so you can stop trying to balance your bevvy on the arm of the couch while bingeing your current must-watch Netflix show.

    The coaster attached to a couch's armrest

    3. A Nileta sleep set in case you tend to fall asleep on the couch at night while trying to get through that one Disney movie for the upteenth time and want to be prepared to potentially stay there until the next morning. Sun who!? Never heard of her.

    Nileta sleep set in bone

    4. A set of Rock Grace Mocktails that are supercharged with crystal energy if you're a crystal buff yourself. Enjoy a glass of faux "wine" while you catch up on those Bravo shows. Ta-ta hangover!

    Rock Grace new moon release and rock grace ruby drink set

    5. And a set of copper-lined wineglasses to enjoy it in. #JustAdultThings

    model pouring red wine into a wine glass with a copper design

    6. A marble pattern coaster set for keeping your wine and other drink glasses table friendly (no stains = no problems).

    Marble pattern coaster set

    7. A trendy crewneck and shorts set to add a bit of color and coziness to your loungewear lineup, because nothing says I'm spending all day on my sofa than a comfortable sweatshirt and shorts.

    8. A botanical garden candle that'll deliver a fresh aroma of heirloom leaves, orchid, and herbs to your space. If your vibe is creating a relaxing space that'll eventually end up with you in a clay face mask, then this candle is a great place to start.

    botanical garden candle

    9. An array of fuzzy socks so your toesies can get in on the cozy action too.

    rainbow fuzzy socks

    10. A rose quartz gua sha and facial oil set — perfect for a nighttime pamper sesh (from the comfort of your sectional obvi).

    Pink Moon Co. Over The Moon duo set

    11. A full-zip sherpa jacket in case you are in the mood to turn the AC wayyyyy up and bundle up like it's Christmas-time. (Listen, there's nothing wrong with that; I'm here for it.)

    12. A cute little night-light to keep on your couch-side table for an ambient glow if the overhead lights are just a bit TOO much.

    13. A coffee warmer — perfect to keep on your coffee table so your hot cup of joe or tea doesn't turn iced before you get to enjoy its toasty goodness. Mmmmmm...nothing like warm caffeine bevvys and some couch snuggles.

    reviewer image of mug on top of coffee warmer

    14. A cactus diffuser so you're able to fill your space with your favorite essential oil scents. Not me filling it with lavender oil and turning on "Zenimation" from Disney+...

    cactus diffusers

    15. A knit weighted blanket so if self-care to you looks like cuddling up on the couch with a good book or meditation app you can do it in peace. These work wonders if you deal with anxiety or depression (I love mine and it seriously helps me so much to calm down and unwind).

    bearaby blanket in moonstone

    16. A cozy pair of slippers for those dreaded moments when you have to get up from the couch to trek to the bathroom. You best believe you'll BRB so you can get back to lounging ASAP.

    17. A set of LED string lights to drape around your TV or window frame so your cozy lighting will be impeccable for when it starts to get dark out.

    reviewer photo of twinkle lights on the ceiling

    18. A subscription to Kindle Unlimited you can use in tandem with your Kindle (it also works without a Kindle) so you can spend your relaxation time reading all of your wishlist books.

    Person reading kindle book on iphone

    19. A cordless head massager in case you're in dire need of a massage session but you have an issue — you're not leaving the couch. This will suffice and feel incredible from the comfort of your own home.

    20. A set of rejuvenating eye gel patches to wake your under-eyes back up after you spent the entire day napping.

    21. A variety snack box with over 48 individual munchies so you can keep them next to you and you can avoid having to get up and go to the kitchen. Ah — the life.

    22. A pair of dimmable lamps for your couch side tables that feature USB ports so charging your devices can be effortless.

    table lamp with usb ports

    23. Or this 10-foot long charging chord for your phone in case there are no end tables in sight or outlets super close by. You'll be able to still scroll through TikTok while your phone is charging with this super lengthy life-saver.

    24. A coloring book if you've consumed enough TV and need another reason to not leave the house or sofa.

    25. A pair of prism glasses to simultaneously enjoy laying down and watching TV or reading a book at the same time. Holding your head up is a thing of the past and we're on lazy time.

    26. A remote organizer because most of us these days have more than one remote — AKA, one for the TV, one for the cable box, one for your Fire TV Stick or Roku, your DVD player...need I say more?

    reviewer image of remote control organizer

    27. And a Pusheen cross-stitch kit so when you finished your fifth movie of the day, you can take a break and craft.

    24 hours on the couch? Easy.