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    26 Pet Products That’ll Prevent Problems Before They Happen

    Keep their teeth plaque free, their food fresh and safe, and toys stowed and organized with these helpful pet must-haves. Only the best for your furry friends.

    1. A set of pet toothbrushes featuring three sides so you can tackle their teeth at all angles. Their breath will be less stinky and wayyyyy more tolerable. Now each pup can have their own toothbrush and you can prevent them from having to get teeth pulled at the vet.

    2. Or a pack of Greenies pumpkin spice dental dog treats, because it's PSL season and your pup needs to get in on the action too! But in all seriousness, these treats will help keep their teeth clean with their toothbrush design (see ya, plaque and tartar) and they're easy to digest so you won't have to worry about them getting the runs.

    Greenies pumpkin spice flavor dental treats

    3. And this cat option in an oven-roasted chicken flavor they're sure to love, and so will you with how clean they'll keep their teeth. They're purrrrrr-fect.

    feline greenies

    4. A dog toys basket to keep all of their playtime faves in one organized spot. Multiple dogs means multiple toys, and anyone who has dogs knows that feeling of stepping on a rogue bone and seeing your life flash before your eyes. Get this basket, you'll thank yourself later.

    dog toys basket

    5. A food storage tower for keeping their food fresh and organized whenever they need a refill! This will also prevent any unwanted critters getting into the kibble. This has two different compartments so if they have different dietary needs then their food can be separated!

    6. A wall-mounted organizer that can hold leashes, treats, travel water dishes, harnesses, and more. Forgo the chaos of trying to find their walking must-haves inside that jumbled junk drawer of yours.

    7. Or this customizable double dog leash holder to keep their respective leashes organized and separated so when it's time to head out for your morning stroll you know whose is whose.

    double personalized dog leash holder

    8. A two-in-one pet seat and carrier to stay in place and keep them safe on long drives. Once you reach your destination, you can transport them inside of it as a carrier bag. This will eliminate your need for an overabundance of gear.

    9. An itch relief spray for cats and dogs to keep handy for moments when their skin is irritated and they can't stop scratching. You'll be super prepared with its oatmeal formula that's calming and hydrating.

    skout's honor probiotic itch relief spray

    10. A reversible sofa cover that's also water resistant so you can protect your furniture from pet fur, dandruff, germs, and those who like to chew on the cushions... If you love having them on the couch to cuddle with you but don't want to tango with them potentially wrecking your furniture, then grab this cover.

    11. A poop bag holder in a trendy cute pattern that will not only look cute on your leash, but will save you from forgetting to bring bags on your walks.

    12. And a pack of poop bag rolls in case they love to take that casual midday dump on your neighbor's lawn (been there, done that). Keep these handy so you can pick up their brown prezzies to drop in the nearest garbage can.

    The poop bags tied to a reviewer's leash

    13. A double dog leash if you're tired of fumbling between two dog leashes while they crisscross in front of you (you know the struggle).

    14. A personalized cosmic dog tag because you want to ensure their safety just in case they ever get loose from the house or from their leash. This will ensure someone will know where to contact you in order to get your fur baby home to you.

    15. An Aquapaw licking pad because getting them washed can be a HANDFUL. Add some peanut butter to this lick pad and then go to town on the scrubbing or better yet, grab two so you can give them a wash at the same time.

    16. A flea and tick shampoo so you can minimize the chances of them bringing these unwanted insects into your humble abode. This shampoo contains aloe, lanolin, and coconut extract that's great if they have sensitive skin. This gets rid of fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flee larvae, and lice (EW).

    17. A small pet camera in case you need to leave the house for a few to go run some errands and want that peace of mind that they're not tearing up the trash...

    The camera placed on a shelf

    18. A dog paw cleaner because muddy paws are a no-no in the house, and this will be much more efficient than chasing them around the house with a towel.

    19. A shower wand sprayer so bath time can be a breeze. I personally need to upgrade from the recycled ricotta container I use to bathe my pups with in the sink, and I think I may have just found the solution. ~Plus~ using this allows you to keep them contained in your bath tub without making a mess everywhere.

    dog gets washed down using waterpik

    20. A pack of catnip-infused felt balls that come in a such a fun variety of fun colors, they won't know which one to play with first. This will keep them occupied instead of being problematic (in the form of trying to get your attention) while you're on work calls.

    21. A clumping cat litter for a fuss-free way to clean the litter box that doesn't involve dumping everything inside and starting from scratch. If you hate cleaning the litter box (who doesn't?) then this is your new BFF.

    The clumping litter with a reviewer's cat

    22. A hands-free bungee leash so you don't have to spill your morning coffee all over yourself while trying to take Rover for a walk. You can attach the belt around your waist and walk them while having both hands free. This is also perfect for hiking and running.

    23. A cat scratching post shaped like a cactus that won't be a total eyesore in your home AND will keep them from scratching at your beloved furniture. A win-win.

    cat using cactus scratching post

    24. A pet odor exterminating candle so you can keep it on hand for rainy days when they come in smelling ~interesting~ from the great outdoors...

    creamy vanilla candle

    25. A hot spot moisturizer for chapped skin that they tend to over lick. This is perfect for their nose, paws, and skin where any hotspots may be forming. It's alcohol-free and won't sting upon application.

    person applying moisturizer to dog's nose

    26. A set of modern cat shelves they can climb through instead of climbing up your curtains... You'll love having a safe place for them to play and nap.

    Nothing but the best for our furry friends.