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    23 Products To Help Keep Your Home Clean If You Have Pets

    All furry friends welcome. Messes? Not so much.

    1. A fur remover broom to gather all their shed hair into one collective pile. TBH, there's probs a lot baked into your carpet that you didn't even know was there...

    pile of fur from carpet

    2. A Petmate pooper scooper for keeping your yard tidy from your pup's little brown presents all over the grass. I keep one of these in my backyard and it's a miracle-worker.

    Pet owner uses pooper scooper in yard

    3. A hard floor cleaner to remove tough accident stains without damaging your pristine floors. It safely works to remove new and deep-set stains and odors from sealed wood, linoleum, vinyl, concrete and ceramic tile.

    The hard floor cleaner on a hardwood floor

    4. A discreet litterbox if you'd prefer not to have a smelly, exposed place for them to do their business and would like it to blend in well with your other furniture.

    Cat coming out of litterbox

    5. A dog paw cleaner because muddy paws are a no no in the house and this will be much more efficient than chasing them around the house with a towel.

    6. A shower wand sprayer so bath time can be a breeze. I personally need to upgrade from the recycled ricotta container I use to bathe my pups with in the sink, and I think I may have just found the solution. ~Plus~ using this allows you to keep them contained in your bath tub without making a mess everywhere.

    dog gets washed down using waterpik

    7. A Bissell Spinwave hardwood floor mop – it's clutch for cleaning up tough stains and potential "oopsies" on your floors. This works wonders on tile, linoleum, wood, and other hard-sealed floors.

    bissell spinwave mop

    8. A pet hair remover you can utilize on a variety of fabrics that their fur can latch on to. Think of it as a pumice stone but for your upholstery and clothing.

    9. A silicone placemat so you can avoid the impending doom that is "spill my kibble all over the floor" — aka the dreaded game our furry friends love to play while they wolf down their food. This mat will at least catch some of the dropped food or water.

    The food and water silicone place mat in gray

    10. A bag of leak-proof training pads in case the weather is prohibiting them from "going" outside and you want to protect your kitchen floors in the process.

    The pad

    11. Or an indoor/outdoor dog potty that mimics real grass so they'll know to go there and not on the carpet.

    Dog using indoor grass patch

    12. A bottle of pet stain and odor remover — perfect for upholstery, clothes, and bedding that may have been subjected to an array of stains and gross odors. This mist is truly the heavy-weight champion of resolving even the most dreaded of accidents — vomit (yuck).

    pet stain and odor remover spray

    13. A dog toys basket to keep all of their playtime faves in one organized spot. Anyone else step on a rogue bone and see their life flash before their eyes? Get this basket, you'll thank yourself later.

    dog toys basket

    14. A food storage tower for keeping their food fresh and organized whenever they need a refill! This will also prevent any unwanted critters getting into the kibble.

    15. A wall-mounted organizer that can hold their leashes, treats, travel water dish, harness, and more. Taking them for a walk outside is a breeze with this quick organization station.

    16. A calming and cozy bed in case you'd prefer them to sleep anywhere BUT the furniture. Now they'll have a designated space that is theirs.

    A reviewer's cat sitting on the bed

    17. An essentials cleaning kit that comes with four holy grail products to help you effectively remove urine. These products are plant and mineral-based, eco-friendly, nontoxic, and vegan!

    Skout's honor cleaning kit

    18. A package of paw wipes so you can gently wipe off their paws after doing their business outside. No one wants those yucky germs tracked all through the house...

    19. A reversible sofa cover that's also water resistant so you can protect your furniture from pet fur, dandruff, germs, and those that like to chew on the cushions...

    dog lays on couch covered by protector

    20. A pet gate to keep your furry friends out of restricted territory. If they're being well-behaved, there's a little latch door for easy entry.

    Cat in front of pet gate

    21. A colorful scratcher board so you can stop your feline from scratching up your prized furniture pieces.

    cat sitting on scratch board

    22. A hypoallergenic lavender and chamomile-scented dry shampoo if you don't have the allotted time to give them a full-blown bath, but need them to at least smell presentable so your home doesn't get smelly.

    A reviewer holding a bottle of the dry shampoo in front of their dog

    23. And a box of leak-proof poop bags so you can keep your yard (or the sidewalk) clean from their plethora of number twos.

    A model holding one of the poop bags and showing how much it can hold

    We only have heart eyes for these mess-avoiding products.

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