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    27 Products From Small Business That'll Be Perfect To Gift This Holiday Season

    Shop small this holiday and support individual artists and creators while snagging unique products you can't get anywhere else!

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. Initial earrings that can be purchased as a single stud or as a pair to expand their dainty, high quality jewelry lineup.

    initial earrings spell out "hello"

    2. A "Normalize Talking About Mental Health" crewneck for the change-maker in your life who's passionate about minimizing the negative stigma surrounding mental health (and who just also loves to be cozy).

    Model wearing crewneck

    3. A Christmas Cookies hand-poured candle in case they need their home to smell like the holidays (not just during the holidays). This is a great option minimalist, home-decor lovers will swoon over.

    Four different Sohya scented candles

    4. A pair of sunset drop earrings for the fashionista who can never have enough accessories — AKA statement earrings.

    Model wearing gold earrings

    5. A "homebody" crewneck to remind them of their favorite home away from home. Gift this to any Disney lover who'd prefer to live in a castle fit for a royal...

    Model wears East Coast Homebody Crewneck

    6. A pack of Costa Rica blend coffee with sweet fruit-forward flavors if they're always on the hunt for a new caffeine-fix.

    Portrait Coffee in the Costa Rica Flavor

    7. A rattan phone stand they'll immediately pop on their phone for a chic tech upgrade. This will give them a better grip on their phone and can also be used to prop the phone up on a flat surface for landscape video viewing.

    8. A rose quartz gua sha and facial oil set any beauty junkie whose always exploring new skincare products will thank you for.

    Pink Moon Co. Over The Moon duo set

    9. A personalized distressed wallet so they'll never have an excuse for losing their most prized possession ever again. Also — who doesn't love a personalized gift? So thoughtful.

    Person placing personalized wallet in pants pocket

    10. A personalized throw pillow case parents (and pet parents alike) will practically sob over. This pillow will let everyone in their home know who their most beloved family members are.

    Personalized throw pillow with people's first names

    11. A female empowerment poster for the person who's always lifting up others and would absolutely display this framed in their home to let everyone know who runs the world — girls.

    Letterpress: Here's to Strong Women black print

    12. A hand-poured soy candle in a "Healer" scent featuring notes of wood, bergamot, musk, and vanilla they can burn during their daily meditation session for a ~zen~ atmosphere.

    Healer candle

    13. A customizable Disney-inspired charm bangle so they'll always have a special piece of jewelry that features their favorite things from the theme parks.

    14. A showstopping nail polish if their outfit isn't complete without a bright mani or pedi.

    LaPierre Cosmetics nail polish

    15. A pair of gold antler cocktail glasses for the liquor snob whose always ordering old fashioneds or whiskey on the rocks.

    20K Gold Antler Cocktail Glass

    16. A statement graphic tee if they're all for female empowerment (as they should be,) and smashing the patriarchy.

    17. A set of knotted headbands pair-able with their favorite LBDs, or on second or third day hair days when they want to still look ~trendy.~

    Warm tone fabric gold knotted headband bundle

    18. A wine cork coaster set — because they're probably never seen without a glass of vino in hand.

    Wine cork coasters

    19. A Star Wars wall clock that's out of this galaxy. Any up-and-coming Jedi will be honored to own.

    Star Wars wall clock

    20. A leather key leash so they have a convenient accessory to attach their house key, car key, and i.d. badge to. This all-in-one accessory will be great if they're always on-the-go and tend to grab their keys while running out the door.

    Key Leash in Navy/ Canary Yellow

    21. A white sage and rose petal smudge stick if they're an avid crystal collector and flora enthusiast, and ~ALSO~ want to cleanse their space from all of the toxic energy of 2020. (I know I do...)

    California Love smudge sticks

    22. A personalized cutting board so their great grandmother's cookie recipe will be with them always, and in her handwriting, too.

    Personalized handwritten cutting board

    23. A tea blend duo in case they're always doing a million things at once and need to learn how to relax once in a while. This set of "calm" and "chillax" teas feature chamomile, lavender and Valerian root.

    Relax Duo tea set

    24. A customized pet portrait for the proud fur parent who can never get enough of their pride and joy. They most definitely also have an Instagram profile for them too...

    Pet Portrait

    25. A plush throw pillow featuring artwork by Marina Esmeraldo so the interior decorator whose always on the market for chic new home accents can update their chair, couch, or bed.

    Throw pillows styled on bed

    26. A cute zip pouch in case they're always ready to belt out "Defying Gravity" like nobody's business. Theatre lovers rejoice!

    WICKED Broadway pouch

    27. And a large macrame plant hanger because their home has no more surface area for their plant friends, but they're going to keep expanding their collection anyway so why not support the cause?

    Large macrame plant hanger

    When they're obsessed with the gift you got them AND you know you supported a small business this year...

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