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    44 Things To Gift People You Don't Know Super Well

    Fretting over what to gift this year? Well, fret no more.

    1. An automatic pan stirrer so they don't have to sit there constantly stirring their homemade gravy and tiring out their arm.

    2. A grooming set because you can truly never go wrong with self-care products that give skin some TLC. Or! You can give them a subscription for a gift that keeps on giving.

    Maxwell Grooming Kit

    3. An electric wine opener since no one should fuss over trying to get that pesky cork out of their wine and have the tragedy of the cork snapping in half (been there, done that.)

    Electric wine opener

    4. A Diptyque Baies scented candle so luxurious, every time they burn it they'll feel like a royal. These candles add a gorgeous scent to any space even when unlit, and the minimalist glass jar can be reused for makeup brushes or writing utensils!

    Diptyque candle in Baies scent

    5. A set of shea butter-infused fuzzy socks since moisturizing and keeping their feet warm are most likely priorities this time of year.

    product image of blue and white socks

    6. A Game of Phones card game for a tech-geared scavenger hunt everyone will enjoy playing. Their phone is their most trusted companion so why not invite them to the game night?

    Game of Phones game

    7. A marble pattern coaster set for keeping their wine and other drink glasses table friendly (no stains = no problems).

    Marble pattern coaster set

    8. An urban map glass featuring an intricate city map of choice created by Boston-based designer Brian Johnson. Pair these with a bottle of liquor for a classy gift.

    Urban Map Glasses

    9. A neck and back massager so they can have an at-home spa day without spending copious amounts, complete with eight massage modes, a carrying bag, and a car adapter so they can ~relax~ even on the go.

    10. A personalized notebook practically everyone will get use out of either for work, list-making, or as a personal journal.

    11. A fuzzy quarter-zip to layer over long sleeves for some much needed warmth. It also has a hood for unexpected snow or rainfall.

    12. A quirky jigsaw puzzle in case they need some mental stimulation and want to enjoy a glass of wine while making their puzzle that is also an image of...yep, wine.

    13. A 14-piece silicone utensil set because who doesn't want a monochromatic set of kitchen tools? These look cohesive and will look bomb on their kitchen counter.

    14. A bougie set of bath bombs that will fizz and foam in the bath for a self-pampering sesh they need after a long hard day's work. *Alexa play, "A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles*

    The bath bombs, each wrapped in brown paper with a specific theme

    15. A sherpa blanket sweatshirt so they can snuggle up on the couch with a hot bevvy in tow and watch their current can't-live-without show.

    16. A coffee warmer — perfect to keep on their desk so their hot cup of joe doesn't turn into cold brew...

    Coffee cup warmer

    17. A tabletop cornhole game to bring out their competitive nature after dinner (and after a few drinks).

    tabletop cornhole game

    18. A foldable cutting board so after they chop their veggies they can easily transport them to the pan. It's time to stop sliding them off of the cutting board with a knife and only half of 'em actually making it into the pan...

    Foldable cutting board transporting veggies to pan

    19. A mosaic-style monogrammed mug because even if you don't know this person very well, at least  you know their first initial. And who doesn't need another novelty mug in their cabinet, anyway?

    four monogrammed tile mugs, three with the letters A, B, and C showing

    Promising review: "I love the style and look of these mugs...so elegant! I first purchased two for my husband and myself and ended up purchasing for all four of my kids to be able to enjoy hot cocoa or tea with us. I hand-wash and don't microwave in them just to be safe and extend the life of them. Love!" –NeeHi

    Get it from Anthropologie for $14 (available in all 26 letters). 

    Throw in some yummy hot chocolate or cozy tea to really take this gift above and beyond!

    20. A portable hand warmer to keep on them at all times for when their fingers start to become paralyzed from the dropping temps. BONUS, it also can charge their phone! *gasps*

    reviewer photo, holding portable handwarmer in pink

    21. A stove top tea set with two blooming tea flowers and everything they'll ever need to brew the perfect batch of tea in a sleek and modern set.

    reviewer photo of glass teapot full of tea, with tea flower inside

    22. A luxury faux fur blanket — the gift of all gifts you absolutely cannot go wrong with. Everyone could use one of these cozy throws on their couch or on their bed.

    Customer using luxury faux throw blanket

    23. A cross-body bag that actually looks ~super~ expensive and they'll think you paid a fortune for it.

    reviewer mirror selfie wearing the ivory crossbody bag

    24. A wooden cheeseboard set for displaying cheeses, fruits, meats, crackers and anything their heart desires to make their dream charcuterie board.

    25. A Corkcicle coffee mug featuring a nonslip bottom to minimize the amount of accidental coffee tip overs. This will also keep their hot beverage warm for up to three hours!

    product image of four Corksicle mugs

    26. An interactive cat toy to keep their cat occupied for hours on end while they're not readily available. It can last all day on a full charge so their feline can frolic until they're tired.

    27. A towel warmer so when they emerge from their shower they can happily wrap themself in the equivalent of a warm hug.

    towel warmer

    28. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey — the perfect combo of sweet and spicy that they'll probs end up pouring all over everything.

    Mike's Hot Honey sauce used on a dish of chicken and waffles

    29. A Hydroflask water bottle to keep their water cold for hours on end. These dishwasher-safe bottles make the perfect companion for workouts and traveling.

    A hydroflask water bottle in fog

    30. A headband warmer that'll come in clutch for colder temps and will look cute with their OOTD's.

    31. A colorful assortment of chocolate bars from Dylan's Candy Bar so aesthetically pleasing, it'll be as much of a treat for the eyes as it will be for the stomach.

    a colorful assortment of different candy bars
    Dylan's Candy Bar

    You can customize a selection out of a whopping *49* flavors, including classics like Milk, White, and Dark, as well as wildcards like Toasted Graham Cereal n' Milk, Red Velvet Cake, and even Sea Salt Jalapeño Tortilla Chip!

    Read more about Dylan's Candy Bar in our roundups of the best places to buy chocolate and candy online!

    Get a set of four bars from Dylan's Candy Bar for $12.

    32. A collapsible coffee cup they can transport with them wherever they go and that won't take up any unnecessary space when packed up post use.

    33. A Byredo Gypsy Water Body Wash that'll upgrade shower time with its soft and silky cleansing abilities featuring notes of bergamot, vanilla, sandalwood, and juniper berries.

    Byredo Gypsy Water body wash

    34. A dual dispenser for displaying sweets, cereals, or other snacks that won't clash with their kitchen scheme. Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Gumballs? M&Ms? Yes. Yes. And Yes.

    35. A book tracker bookmark they can use to keep a record of their recent reads, as well as explore their creative sign while filling it in!

    Hand holding the partially filled-our tracker bookmark over a book
    British Bookart / Etsy

    British Bookart is a UK-based Etsy seller that creates adorable bookmarks and book art.

    Promising review: "Who knew you could fall in love with a bookmark? Each book I read I add to my 'books' on the bookmark and that adds a sense of accomplishment. Creatively designed with cute cats, clocks and teapots - I just love it! The bookmark arrived appropriately packaged and in perfect condition, too." –Shannon Rose Creason

    Get it from British Bookart on Etsy for $3.58.

    36. A Whisk Wiper that is multi-functional for saving every last drop of batter and will also keep their whisk from falling into the bowl when leaned against the side.

    37. A dual-sided laptop cleaner — a cute and compact brush that will help them get rid of smudges and fingerprints on their screen, as well as crumbs in their keyboard.

    38. An aesthetically minimal glass tumbler for hosting their morning smoothie or iced coffee. This also has over 12,000+ 5 ☆ star ☆ reviews on Amazon, soooo pretty much this is a vetted win for carrying bevvys.

    39. A Nileta sleep set for whenever they need some R&R in the form of tying their hair up with a silk scrunchie, or blocking out the rude sunlight with a silk sleep mask for some beauty rest.

    Nileta sleep set in bone

    40. A Tribit StormBox portable speaker because it's attachable to a slew of items like bike handlebars, backpacks, an exercise machine, or hanging in the shower. This waterproof and dustproof speaker is crazy durable so they can take it literally anywhere.

    41. A wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man to spruce up their desktop during those stretches of grind when it seems like there's no end in sight. Enter: this guy. Problem solved.

    reviewer photo of inflated red tube guy

    42. A pair of affordable Sony noise-canceling headphones, because no matter who they are, they'll definitely appreciate the ability to block out screaming babies whenever they want.