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    26 Pieces Of Furniture Under $500 To Refresh Your Home

    Extreme makeover home edition.

    1. A patio loveseat so you can offer your guests cozy seating once the party moves from inside to outside.

    wooden couch with gray cushions

    2. A mid-century modern dresser since you probably could use a bit more space to store your entire clothing lineup. This dresser is so sleek it's basically a blank canvas for your decor (or plethora of candles hehehehe).

    3. A triangle style desk so you don't have to give up any more precious square footage than you have to. Wanna maximize your studio apartment space? Here's your answer.

    White wood triangle desk with a drawer and shelves under with books, in the corner of a room

    4. And a high-back office chair that rolls and swivels so you can take on your daily workload in true ~boss~ fashion.

    5. A patterned velvet chair that just screams ~I have major style~. Add this to a cozy reading corner or sitting area with a cute throw pillow for even more immaculate vibes.

    floria velvet chair

    6. A wall-mounted drop-leaf table in case you want a designated eating spot but the floor space is just not there. This will give you the table space when you need it, and when you're done, simply fold it back down.

    7. A faux leather convertible couch that's an absolute steal. Ready to sink your bottom into a truly luxe sofa? This is also rearrangable to suit your space needs.

    8. A folding computer desk you can utilize as a makeshift bar, coffee table, countertop, or desk! This is perf for narrow spaces (aka all you apartment dwellers).

    9. Swivel bar stools that'll add some character to your breakfast nook. These are so chic I can't even deal.

    10. Nesting tables that you won't have to worry about taking up too much floor space but are readily available if you have company over. They honestly look cool nested.

    antique brass nesting tables

    11. A velvet chair and ottoman so you can sit in the lap of luxury when you're enjoying your morning cup of coffee or a late night read. This looks incredibly expensive and won't break the bank.

    Velvet tufted chair and ottoman in green

    12. A two-tier bar cart in case you need a designated space to display your coveted bottles of vino and spirits. Throw a couple vintage-y decanters on top and you'll be that much closer to Jay Gatsby status.

    13. A Mr. Kate convertible sofa bed perfectly doubles as both a sofa and then if guests stay over, a cozy bed. No need for an air mattress with this chic living room staple.

    14. A rustic bookshelf with plenty of space for all of your must-have reads and even some small decor! This is a great way to maximize wall space and display your books in an innovative way.

    15. A hidden compartment coffee table if you need a designated space to WFH. The compartment lifts up and can be used as a desk or even an eating tray.

    16. A ceramic side table that truly looks like a work of art you stole from the MOMA. (You didn't steal this from the MOMA right!?)

    ceramic side table

    17. A rolling file cabinet that's not a regular filing cabinet, it's a cool filing cabinet. A typical filing cabinet is just so...ugly. This wooden one is a great elevated option AND can roll around so you'll be able to change up where you place it in your room.

    18. An armless chaise lounge to lay on like Kate Winslet inTitanic. All you need now is Jack to draw you andddd the heart of the ocean necklace...

    the chaise lounge in sky blue

    19. A tufted ottoman that features extra storage space you can utilize for blankets and other home necessities. This foot rest can be used as a coffee table with a stunning tray on top, or a convenient place to rest your footsies after a long day.

    The storage bench being used as a coffee table

    20. A shoe cabinet for a clean and easy way to store your footwear and your guests'. Time to say ~goodbye~ to that pile of shoes that sit by your front door. (It can hold over 30 pairs of shoes!)

    21. A canopy metal bed frame to be the focal point of the room you spend the most time in. Zzzzzz...... (but picture those sleeps in utter chic-ness).

    marion canopy bed in gold metal

    22. A round accent table in case you'd like some extra spots to display mementos or simply to have a place to rest your drink (with a coaster, obvi).

    round accent table in living room

    23. A record player table in a mid-century modern style to house your extensive vinyl collection and your turntable.

    24. A farmhouse TV stand if you want a discreet way to organize your watching devices like DVD player, cable box, Roku, and maybeeee even a few board games for when you're in the mood for a family game night.

    25. A set of curved accent chairs to style together in a sitting corner for guests to enjoy...and your cat, Fluffy.

    26. An industrial shelving unit that sturdily hunkers into the wall so you won't have to worry about any accidental tip-overs. You'll now be able to effortlessly display your fave home decor finds.

    Are you ready to elevate your space!?