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    31 Adorably Fun Products That'll Have You Grinning From Ear To Ear

    Your cheeks are going to hurt from smiling so much. 😁

    1. A Sour Patch Kids AirPods case — a sour and sweet way to keep your fave listening devices protected. I never knew I needed something so much.

    2. A kitten ear headband for keeping your hair out of your face while you apply your nightly skincare routine. You won't have to worry about your hair getting stuck in your clay mask anymore. (And c'mon — it's sooooo cute.)

    Customer wears kitten headband

    3. A Star Wars-inspired necklace featuring Leia and Han Solo exchanging one of the most quotable moments in all of the movies combined. I love you. I know.

    I love you I know necklace

    4. A Lisa Frank stationery super pack to relive the glory days of pasting stickers all over your diary and Polaroid pictures. This set alone comes with over 2,200 stickers. 😍🌈

    5. A sloth ring holder since everyone needs a safe place that'll keep them from losing their prized jewelry items. I just can't handle the cuteness.

    Sloth ring holder

    6. A Hello Kitty water dispenser for fulfilling your H2O intake goals in the cutest of ways. This kitty queen can hold up to eight glasses of water.

    Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

    7. An Animal Crossing shirt that'll let everyone know why you're unable to make that Zoom catch-up call... Sorry, you're devoted to Tom Nook.

    animal crossing shirt in navy

    8. A Heinz Ketchup fleece throw blanket if you take your ketchup with a side of ketchup on top of ketchup. Now you can be wrapped in your favorite condiment anytime you want.

    heinz ketchup throw blanket

    9. A cozy HP-inspired crewneck so you can relive the magic that is The Chamber Of Secrets while drinking your fave cup of tea and snuggling under 7,000 blankets. *Ah, sounds like a fine day to me.*

    10. A personalized star mug inspired by The Office – use it around the house to drink your coffee and feel like you actually attended Kelly's America's Got Talent viewing party...unlike Jim.

    personalized star mug

    11. A Poké Ball night light so you can keep your favorite Pokémon near and dear, day or night. There are an array of characters to choose from so good luck picking your fave. After one you'll be saying, "I gotta catch 'em all."

    12. A set of quirky earrings featuring bagged goldfish, water bottles, and liquor. If you're obsessed with watching those miniature food cooking videos on the internet then you desperately NEED these earrings.

    13. A Bambi graphic tee if you prefer living in a world heavily influenced by nostalgia or just adore classic Disney movies.

    14. A Pusheen cross-body bag for keeping your essentials on you in the most kawaii way possible.

    15. A pair of cow socks to wear with all of your winter boots that are truly "legen-dairy."

    brown cow socks

    16. A boba mini beauty fridge for keeping your skincare organized and your facial tools like jade rollers and gua shas chilled for your night time de-puffing sesh.

    17. A ramen patch to peel and stick on your denim jacket, fanny pack, mask, and basically anywhere else you want to showcase your love for these tasty noodles.

    ramen patch on fanny pack

    18. A Bernie embroidered crewneck featuring the icon of 2021 himself. Grab your mittens, folks!

    19. A Mickey waffle platter keychain to make it easier to find your keys, and is just so cute you'll boomerang it for the world to enjoy with you. ~Magical~

    20. A Pixar-inspired popcorn machine because watching literally ~anything~ on Disney+ wouldn't be the same without a freshly popped bucket of buttery goodness.

    the machine

    21. A cute little vacuum to help you clean up tiny messes like those Cheez-It crumbs you dropped in your keyboard yesterday. #Oops.

    Small vacuum

    22. A pack of cat-shaped sticky notes because losing your place in a fab novel or the day of the week in your agenda is irritating. These furry felines will help!

    23. A Cardalloon — a card with a self inflatable balloon so you can let your peeps know how much you miss them while you socially distance from one another. OR you could always send it to yourself if your preferred mode of self-care is sending yourself a balloon surprise to enjoy after a crappy day at work.

    24. A mini house diffuser so you can fill your space with your favorite essential oil scents. Please tell me you also want to make an entire tiny village of these mini house diffusers... I would 'Gram these immediately.

    Mini house diffusers

    25. A Bridgerton '90s inspired graphic tee featuring the heart throb of season one — Simon Basset. Do I own this? Yep, and proud of it.

    simon basset 90's inspired shirt

    26. A miniature baking set if you need another hobby that doesn't consist of doing ANOTHER puzzle or staring at your phone aimlessly scrolling on TikTok. Why not channel your creativity into making some adorably quaint food creations!?

    teeny-tiny slice of cake on hand

    27. A tie-dye Rugrats long-sleeve if you prefer to ignore the fact that it's 2021, and wish you could easily travel back in time to the good old '90s when your only worry was what cartoon to watch next.

    28. A Friends bracelet-making kit so you can make you and your "lobster" matching wrist candy.

    friends bracelet making kit

    29. A giant gummy bear set in case you can never have enough of your favorite mouth-watering candy. Once you finish all the candy inside you can utilize it as a fun piggy bank!

    gummy bear filled with gummy bears

    30. A The Princess and The Frog kitchen set because cooking beignets and gumbo can be messy! Tiana (the queen of the kitchen) is here to help.

    the princess and the frog kitchen set

    31. A Baby Yoda night-light if your room is in some desperate need of ~galactic glow~ in the wee hours of the night. When in doubt, Baby Yoda will always be there to *light* the way.

    Literally googly-eyed over all of these items as we speak.

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