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    Just 34 Effective Products That'll Make You Think There Must Be Magic Involved

    You honestly won't believe your eyes...

    1. A bag handle holder because you know the struggle of trying to get all of your shopping bags into your home in only ONE trip from the car. This makes it easy to hold all of your bags at once and will give your fingers a break in the process.

    2. A fan-favorite Wet brush you can use on both wet and dry hair that won't tug or pull. You'll end up with less hair damage, and your scalp will thank you for avoiding painful brush sessions.

    3. A Deep V bikini line sheet mask to give yourself some TLC. Shaving and waxing can leave razor burn so pamper it with this mask featuring honey, niacinamide, and rose extract. Your hoo-ha will thank you.

    Models with the oval sheet masks on their bikini lines

    4. A Luminoodle — AKA an LED light strip that can be placed behind your television for brighter colors and sharper images. I mean, just look at those results.

    A reviewer's TV: hazier and too bright in some places before, and sharper and clearer with the backlighting after

    5. A Grande Cosmetics' Lash Serum to promote lash growth so you can ditch the makeup since your lashes will already look bomb on their own.

    A before/after of a reviewer's lashes, looking much fuller and longer after

    6. A Jergens in-shower lotion because some of us (currently raising my hand), don't like applying lotions period. This one makes it easy to get your moisturizing done in the shower without the greasy post-shower application (the bane of my existence). I truly love this stuff and that's coming from someone who hates applying lotion.

    A model holding the bottle in the shower

    7. A windproof umbrella so you can confidently venture out into the rain without the fear of your umbrella flipping inside out. This vented double-canopy umbrella will ensure you'll stay perfectly dry and won't have to wrestle with it getting blown around in the wind.

    8. A bottle of hard-water booster powder that'll bring your coveted mugs back to life. This powder will rid your drinkware of any cloudiness from years of wear and tear.

    reviewer photo of stained mug next to a clean mug after using powder

    9. A wallpaper-smoothing kit because you're not about to hire a task-rabbit to come put it up for you. This will save you time, money, AND the cringy potential for wrinkles in your gorgeous new wallpaper.

    10. A bottle of Fanola Purple Shampoo that'll brighten and maintain blonde tresses without having to shell out big bucks for toning appointments at the salon. Invest in this shampoo, you won't be sorry.

    reviewer before and after photo using shampoo

    11. A fur remover broom to gather all of your pet's hair into one collective pile. TBH, there's probs a lot baked into your carpet that you didn't even know was there...

    pile of fur from carpet

    12. A charcoal-based toothpaste that's satisfyingly gross scrubbing on your teeth, but will have your teeth whiter with each brush.

    13. An all-natural surface scrub that in tandem with a little elbow grease, will have your grout, countertops, shower, and sinks sparkling. With hardworking citrus essential oil, this paste will go a long way with a cloth.

    14. A leather Bagnet since placing your coveted handbag on the floor is ~gross.~ This bagnet will magnetize to any metal chair or barstool!

    15. A set of Zombie Face Masks that minimize enlarged pores and fine lines after just minutes on the skin (15 to be exact)! Invite your pals over for a summer slumber party and go face mask crazy. (Who's bringing the wine?)

    16. A tube of L'Oreal Voluminous Primer Mascara that goes on white and adds additional fibers to lengthen and thicken lashes so your new summer makeup routine will consist of lash primer and mascara...and nothing else. (If you've been saying you want lash extensions, this is your inexpensive solution.)

    17. A steering wheel tray so after you make it through the drive-thru, you can slide into a parking spot and eat your meal in absolute bliss. Trying to balance food all while attempting to avoid spillage is the ultimate fast-food feat.

    18. An acne patch for keeping handy on pesky breakout days where you need to scram (fast). They feature hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil for gentle extraction. They're also extremely satisfying when they peel off with all that face goop.

    19. A bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo to not only prolong washes, but will help kick pesky flakes goodbye.

    20. A special sweater pill-remover stone in case that Disney sweatshirt you bought on your eighth grade field trip is your holy grail loungewear piece and its age is showing by the overabundance of pillage. This stone will have it looking good as new and will restore your inner eighth grade self's trust in all that is good in the world.

    21. A set of affordable, wireless Bluetooth earbuds in case you're on the market for new headphones but can't fathom shelling out over $100 for them. These have sooooo many 5-star reviews (161,600+ to be exact) and they're waterproof and sweatproof. These earbuds are honestly sorcery if you ask me.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    22. A set of Moon Globes to perfectly refresh skin after chilled in the fridge or freezer for a *tingle-worthy* cooling effect. If your skin is looking a little puffy, massage these bad boys over the skin gently for a rejuvenated look.

    23. A Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand to add a sun-kissed bronze to the skin that looks natural as heck. I swear by this stuff and will probably never stop being a fan. It just blends so well and melts in the skin beautifully.

    24. A Maybelline concealer to give the illusion that you've gotten your beauty rest even if you are in fact on your third cup of coffee of the day and it's only 2 p.m... This brightens and covers dark circles so you'll look ~fresh~ throughout the day.

    25. A grippy silicone strip because no one wants their bag slipping off their arm (the worst). Add this to the strap and it'll stay in place all day.

    26. A wine stain remover you should always keep handy when those eek-worthy spills occur. Got some vino on your fave luxe throw blanket? Stain be gone!

    Reviewer's before and after with blanket stained in red wine and completely unstained after use

    27. A shirt folder that'll have your drawers looking like they were just made over by Marie Kondo.

    28. A can crusher that'll help you save so much more room in your recycling bin. TBH, I think we just found the best new way to recycle. This looks like fun.

    29. A blessedly effective carpet cleaner that'll have you saying, "what sorcery is this!?" You'll never have to call Stanley Steemer again.

    vacuum cleans a light stripe into dark, dirty tan carpet

    30. A touchless vacuum so dust pans can be a thing of the past. Welcome to the future (and an easier way to clean).

    broom brushing cereal on floor into vaccuum

    31. A set of heel caps in case you're attending an outdoor event and you REALLY don't want to have to wear flats just to avoid the inevitable heels sinking into the grass problem. These will save you (and your shoes).

    plastic flower-shaped cap on stiletto heel keeping it from sinking into gravel