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    If You Need A New Cozy Sweater For Fall, It's In This Post

    We think your closet needs more sweaters...just sayin'.

    1. A varsity sweater with major collegiate vibes for anyone who wants to explore their cute, preppy side.

    2. A striped open cardi if you wanna take your summer wardrobe into fall. All those cute lacy tanks you own? Style them under the cardigan for immediate fall vibes.

    3. A belted animal-print cardigan your followers will go ~wild~ for when you post yourself wearing it in your next 'gram pic.

    4. A crisscross backless sweater that's classic from the front, and a party in the back. Wear this on a warmer fall day so you can show off the back instead of covering it up with a jacket.

    5. A pullover puff-sleeve sweater with a stunning silhouette that is sophisticated and cool. If it's too chilly to step outside the house in just a short-sleeve top, add a shacket over top for some extra warmth.

    6. A heart sweater you'll LOVE so much you'll want to wear it multiple times a week (and in every color it comes in for that matter).

    7. Or a rainbow heart cardigan with just the perfect amount of color to make your own heart skip a beat.

    8. A striped pullover because nothing says "I'm a fun, trendy, cool, fall-loving human" like this sweater. And because of that, I personally may just need this in my closet.

    9. A Sherpa sweater if you're always cold and need something that's going to keep you toasty no matter where the day takes you.

    a reviewer in the sweater in light gray

    10. An off-the-shoulder sweater if you wanna show a little shoulder every now and again. Add some leather pants and you've now got an iconic 'fit.

    11. A cropped knit sweater for a more playful wardrobe option that's killer when styled with black jeans.

    model wears leopard sweater with cut-off shorts

    12. A pink rib-knit cardigan — aka the perfect transitional fall piece to help you channel ~major~ Sharpay Evans vibes (but, like, more grown-up).

    model wearing pink rib knit cardigan with matching skirt

    13. A turtleneck sweater if you eat, sleep, and breathe fall fashion. You can truly never have too many fall sweater options.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a light brown sweater, dark jeans, and brown over the knee boots

    14. A balloon sleeve sweater with a bright retro pattern your old Y2K self would've swooned over; TBH you're probs swooning over it now like I am...

    15. A ribbed sweater to layer over a casual button-down, aka your new fave cozy 'fit.

    16. A leopard-print cardigan for looking super trendy over straight-leg jeans or a classic T-shirt dress.

    17. A fuzzy V-neck popcorn sweater to give your other tops a run for their money. We truly can't get over the fun texture of this must-have top.

    18. A knit turtleneck sweater you'll wear during all your fall festivities like pumpkin and apple picking.

    Reviewer wearing orange sweater with high turtle neck

    19. A houndstooth sweater-vest that's bound to show up on your Instagram feed more than once because it's THAT 'gramworthy.

    20. A chunky checkered cardigan that would 1,000% be suitable for a Harry Styles concert. This will add some much needed color to your neutral wardrobe.

    21. A gorgeous floral-embroidered knit if you thrive on shopping for vintage-esque wardrobe finds. This sweater is emulating biggggg main-character energy.

    22. A ☆ star ☆ pattern sweater that'll have everyone commenting on your next #OOTD post, "OMG, WHERE IS THAT FROM!?"

    23. A cozy cashmere sweater since your going to need some warm clothing options to wear under your fall trench coats.

    24. An oversized sweater dress you'll adore because it checks off both of your must-have wardrobe necessities: comfort ✔️ and cuteness ✔️.

    25. A chunky cardigan that's super versatile — and by versatile, we mean it can be styled over your loungewear or with an outfit you'd actually step out of the house in. There is no in between at this point, welcome to 2021.

    26. An oversized open cardigan featuring rainbow-striped sleeves in case you're finally willing to incorporate some color into your entirely neutral wardrobe. (Baby steps.)

    27. A pearl-studded stunner that speaks for itself, no jewelry required.

    28. A cherry V-neck option — a sweet new piece you'll wear all fall long with your impressive jean collection.

    model wearing cherry sweater

    29. A wide-stripe, V-neck cardi if you'd rather have a solid WFH 'fit ready to throw on that doesn't require more than five minutes to piece together. This sweater + jeans + boots = one solid, effortless outfit.

    30. A floral pattern cardi that can be worn on its own or layered over a staple tank.

    31. An eyelash sweater for that extra cozy, furry, fall wardrobe staple you needed like...yesterday.

    model wearing eyelash sweater

    I see a major closet upgrade in your near future...