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    26 Cozy And Functional Pieces Of Furniture You Seriously Can't Go Wrong With

    These furniture pieces are sure to make your space a place you wanna be ALL the time.

    1. A teardrop lounge chair that can work indoors or outdoors to build either the coziest living room corner, or on your patio for a truly whimsical outdoor setup. If I owned this chair, I'd be curled up like a kitten on it until further notice...

    a review photo of a cat laying in the chair indoors
    a reviewer photo with a couple sitting in two of the chairs in their backyard with wine and cheese

    Promising review: "I am in love with this beautiful chair! It came so fast and was so extremely easy to put together. The cushions provided are plump and comfortable and a great shade of eggshell white. I know this is technically an outdoor chair, but I loved it so much I kept it in my living room! I get so many compliments from friends when they come over, and everyone loves to sit in it, including my cat (see photo above). Highly, highly recommend!" —Jess

    Get it from Amazon for $394.09.

    2. A minimalist-meets-industrial bookshelf if creating a cozy reading nook in your apartment is on your to-do list. This cute and nifty shelf will let you display your fave reads without taking up too much room.

    The bookshelf in gold and white

    My co-worker Chelsea has two of these pieces:

    "I have two of these shelves in white/oak, and they're just what I was looking for. Sure, they're more expensive than the units you can get at Ikea, but you can tell the difference in quality. Last time my mom visited (oh, pre-quarantine life), she actually asked if they came with the apartment because they fit so well in my living room." —Chelsea Stuart, BuzzFeed editor

    Promising review: "I love this shelf! I needed something tall to fill empty space and store books and plants. Each shelf is very heavy duty, so I can't imagine any bowing would occur in the future, unless it's got too much humidity. Before we put weight on the shelves, it had gaps between itself and the wall, but it balanced itself out after adding books. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this shelf. It's definitely going to last longer than anything you could buy at Ikea, and it has VERY little wasted/unusable space. Just do it! I put it together myself, but I had to hold it steady/leveled while hubby secured it to the wall. It's not impossible to do alone, but get a second person to at least hold it still for you." —Mrs K3NNYB0Y

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in four sizes and 22 colors/finishes).

    3. An ottoman bench — perfect for any room in your home where you'd like the option for seating AND storage. This would be adorbs at the foot of a bed or in your living room! 

    the storage bench in front of a bed with a blanket hanging from it
    the storage bench by the door with a hat on it

    Promising review: "I am just loving this wonderful storage ottoman and have to say I am blown away with how nice it is for the price. The velvet is soft and plush and the beautiful gray goes with any decor. I absolutely love this for putting at the end of a bed as you can sit on it and take your slippers off and it is super comfy for sitting BUT it can also be used solo on a wall for a sitting bench or anywhere you choose in your home. It makes a wonderful decor piece that also provides a seat and storage, so what more can you ask for?! I also love the easy to remove top that provides you a nice storage space for things like blankets and throws or you can store pictures and other items in there. Whatever you want. It just looks good. The legs also provide some style to the piece and putting it together was a snap. I just had to put the legs on using the tools they provide. Seriously...if I can do it anyone can. Great piece here and a great value, too. I highly recommend it." —Melissa Cushing

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

    4. A cream bouclé rocking chair because even your kiddo's nursery should be cozy and aesthetic. This is quite literally the best looking rocking chair I've ever laid eyes on.

    the rocking chair set up in a nursery
    Crate & Barrel

    This rocking chair elevates the traditional nursery staple and swaps it out with an ultra plush seat that prioritizes comfort. It has linen piping details with a pine and poplar wood frame. 

    Get it from Crate & Barrel for $999

    5. A puffy velvet sofa if you're not into clunky furniture and don't have a ton of floor space to spare. This cloud-like couch is actually from West Elm Kids BUT it is perfect for anyone looking for something cozy and functional for their home!

    squishy loveseat that looks like a couch shaped pillow
    model reading a book on the gray sofa
    West Elm Kids

    This beanbag-esque couch is low to the ground and can make even the tiniest of studio apartments feel cozy! It's covered in a durable fabric that should outlast your next rental!

    Get it from West Elm for $599+ (available in six colors).

    6. A unique bookshelf that'll come in handy for organizing your fave slew of reads or even your coveted DVD collection you want to display for your guests to see. Nothing says cozy like a movie marathon on the couch.

    a walnut colored shelf with slanted shelves throughout

    Promising review: "What a gorgeous piece of practical and artistic furniture. I always seem to need bookshelves for my growing home library but didn’t want to just put a boxy bookcase against the limited wall space I have. This book tree is a fantastic solution. It allows me to display books in a unique manner. I can easily find the book I need. It was not difficult to assemble, and it took less than 20 minutes to have it installed." —Sunshine Mel

    Get it from Amazon for $81.99.

    7. A sleeper sofa — the perfect combo between functional and luxury you'll be patting yourself on the back for buying. It has great support but isn't too firm where a rest or night's sleep on it would be uncomfortable.

    Nouhaus sleeper sofa
    sleeper sofa in Amanda's home
    Amazon, Amanda Davis / BuzzFeed

    Nouhaus is a small business looking to combine functionality with aesthetic furniture pieces.

    My coworker Amanda Davis loves this sofa:

    "I recently received this sofa and as a person who came from a very old and lumpy sectional and has a bad back, this ergonomic sofa is honestly heaven-sent. As for comfort, the back is suuuuper soft and comfortable, but the bottom is a bit more firm to my liking. And for style...ummmm just look at it! I’m obsessed with the blue velvet texture and the wooden legs look very high-end. I’ve even had numerous friends tell me how it 'really elevated' my space (the *biggest* compliment if you’re someone that loves anything home-decor related like me). And lastly: the full size pull out bed, my best friend’s favorite part about my couch upgrade. She says it’s comfy to sleep on all night (it even has two stability legs so it doesn’t tip over). It’s perfect if you’re someone who has a lot of guests staying over, but live in a tiny one bedroom apartment (the struggle). It’s a chunk of change, but I’d say very very worth the investment. I can tell this couch will last me years to come." 

    Get it from Amazon for $1,799.99 (available in three styles and 10 colors).

    8. reversible sofa in a deep gray hue because the color will easily hide stains. You can also move the ottoman/lounge piece to either side so if you ever want to do some furniture rearranging, you can switch up the placement of the lounge to your liking.

    Gray sectional

    Promising review: "I am so glad I took a risk on this sectional. I needed something that was between 74–75 inches and this fits perfectly in my loft space. It is really comfy. The cushions are still inflating minus the chaise because that was not in a vacuum bag. The instructions were very clear and the pieces are not heavy. It took me about 45 minutes to put the entire sectional together. Worth the price for sure." —Shante

    Get it from Amazon for $399.99+ (available in three colors).

    9. Swivel bar stools that'll add some character to your breakfast nook. These are so chic and will turn your cold, modern kitchen into a space you'll probs eat and WFH from.

    swivel counter stools
    reviewer image of swivel stools at kitchen counter

    Promising review: "I was so nervous these stools would arrive and look potentially cheap, however, they are absolutely gorgeous! Relatively easy to assemble, once I got the first one together, I felt like an expert with the second. Pretty easy to do on your own. They fit beautifully at the bar and are loved by just about everyone that stops by. I think these chic stools make the perfect item to tie together my simple and pretty aesthetic. Definitely will be purchasing two more to fit along this bar." —Ashleigh B.

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $189.89+ (available in four heights and four fur/pillow options).

    10. A velvet chair and ottoman so you can sit in the lap of luxury when you're enjoying your morning cup of coffee or a late night read. This looks incredibly expensive and won't break the bank.

    Velvet tufted chair and ottoman in green

    Promising review: "I LOVE this chair! The quality is amazing for the money, I am seriously impressed. I can sit very comfortably in it with my fat cat wedged in next to me. It is very firm but I think the cushion will soften over time. The color is exactly like the pictures, and it was very easy to assemble. Also, I was able to carry it up to my second-story walkup by myself and I have basically no upper body strength, though I did have to take it out of the box first." —J

    Get it from Amazon for $359.99+ (available in five colors). 

    11. A hidden compartment coffee table if you need a designated space to WFH. The compartment lifts up and can be used as a desk or even an eating tray.

    hidden compartment coffee table with laptop on tray
    reviewer image of coffee table in living room

    Promising review: "This is one of my favorite new pieces of furniture for my new apartment! The design looks so warm and inviting and I absolutely LOVE the pull out desk part! It's so nice to be able to pull it out when I need a quick workspace in my living room! Plus the extra storage on the inside is so helpful in my tiny apartment!" —Sarah Mica

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in two colors).