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    31 Pet Products From Amazon That May Make You Think, "Why Didn't I Buy This Sooner?"

    Top-notch treats, gadgets and toys you should've *added to cart* a long time ago...

    1. Greenies natural dental dog treats featuring essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your pup's gumline healthy and plaque free. Most dogs could always use fresher breath so these are a must-have.

    2. A flower water fountain with three different water flow settings to keep your furry feline's water intake up. It includes features like a triple action filter and LED nightlight so their water is clean and accessible...even in the dark!

    Reviewer's cat drinks from water fountain

    3. A hamster house that'll undoubtedly be their new dream home. It features a ladder, climbing wall gym, sleeping nest, and balcony — what more could they want? It's all here.

    4. Greenies pill pocket treats so if your dog needs to take any medication, you can discreetly give it to them in these delicious peanut butter morsels. Avoid the mess of trying to stick their pill in actual peanut butter and opt for these instead!

    Golden retriever is handed a pill pocket treat

    5. A PetSafe gravity feeder if your pet likes to intermittently eat their food instead of all in one sitting. The small size can fit up to 2 pounds of dog or cat food.

    Reviewer's dog sits next to their feeder and watering stations

    6. A Furminator grooming rake to help remove loose hair from your pet's undercoat so you can keep their fur knot-free. If your pup or cat has thicker hair, this brush is for you.

    7. A Catit interactive feeding toy in case your feline eats wayyyyyy too fast and could slow down a bit. You can use this cat puzzle with dry kibble or treats!

    Cat plays with toy

    8. A Petmate pooper scooper for keeping your yard tidy from your pup's little brown presents all over the grass. I keep one of these in my backyard and it's a miracle-worker.

    Model utilizing pooper scooper to clean up grass

    9. A Chuckit! tennis ball launcher — the perfect toy that your pet will love to fetch (and honestly, you'll love to throw).

    Owner and dog with the Chuckit ball launcher

    10. Carefresh small pet bedding (probs something you'll squeak about tbh) for keeping their living environment clean and smell-free. It has 10-day odor control for a fresher cage and is spot on for chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, and mice!

    Hamsters in cage with bedding

    11. A big capacity bowl to hold more water than your pet could ever dream of lapping up. It can contain up to 1.25 gallons of water or food! It features an elevated design and it's big enough if you have multiple pets who want access to water at the same time. There's room for everyone!

    Reviewer's cat with bowl

    12. An Aspen self-warming bed in case your furry pal needs a cozy place to nap. It features heat reflecting technology that will hold in your pet's body heat to keep them warm.

    Dog lays in bed

    13. A pack of cheesy chews little ones will love that'll last longer than one gnawing session. They're made with a tasty cheese flavor and won't splinter or break.

    Reviewer's mouse enjoys treat

    14. A hide-a-squirrel toy that'll keep your dog occupied for hours. The attached trunk top makes it trickier for your dog to remove the plush stuffed toys from their home. They'll have a ball trying to conquer this puzzle toy.

    Reviewer's boxer puppy lays with toy

    15. An Outward hound pet life jacket if you want to take your dog on sea adventures. It's designed with bright colors and reflective accents to provide better visibility while swimming.

    16. A small pet fun tunnel they'll be squeaking for joy to run through during their daily playtime. Movable plastic allows the tunnel to expand up to 39 inches and contract for easy storage!

    Mouse sitting in the plastic tunnel

    17. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews with a patented design that helps maintain healthy gums and freshen breath. They feature 12 essential vitamins and minerals and feature no artificial flavors! Your pup will seriously love these!

    18. Folding pet steps to make it easier for your furry pals to get up and down higher surfaces like furniture, beds, or the car. The foldable feature allows for easy transport.

    Corgi sits next to steps

    19. A booster seat for safer car travel for you and your pet. Prevent them from constantly moving around the car (which is unsafe for them, and distracting for you).

    Reviewer's  Yorkie sits inside booster seat

    20. An ingenious feeder to help dogs eat up to 10 times slower. This vet-recommended bowl has a no-slip or slide function to keep it firmly on the ground while they forage for food.

    Reviewer's dog sits waiting to be served meal in fun feeder

    21. Jiminy's Cricket protein treats that are hypoallergenic and feature digestible protein to improve gut health. My dogs adore these tiny yummy treats and they also help reduce your carbon footprint (a major bonus!). They're made with sustainable ingredients that are healthy and delectable for dogs.

    The Jiminy's cricket protein treats

    22. A toothbrush squeaky toy that'll have them so excited to play, they won't even realize the benefits it offers for their teeth. You can spread peanut butter or dog toothpaste in between the rows of nubs for an additional cleaning session!

    Girl plays with dog with toothbrush squeaky toy

    23. A soft hammock for any ferret or rat who loves to curl up for some cozy time. They may just squeak with excitement when it's nap time... OK, but can I get one of these for myself?

    24. A no-spill dog travel bowl that'll give your doggo access to water in the car without the chaotic spillage. The tapered lip helps reduce splashing while traveling and keeps kibble ~or~ water off your car floor. Happy pup, happy human. ♡

    Dog with bowl

    25. A no-pull harness — perfect for smaller dogs to safely go on walks without hurting their necks. It's soft, breathable mesh that offers padded, pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent choking.

    French bulldog wears pink harness

    26. A set of chew balls which bunnies will be sure to hop with joy over. Keep your rabbit occupied with this interactive toy made from 100% timothy and is nontoxic.

    Bunny with chew balls

    27. A dual-headed finger toothbrush you can quickly pop on to give their teeth some good ol' scrubbin'. The bristles on the brush are soft enough to clean their chompers safely and effectively.

    French bulldog gets teeth brushed

    28. A set of dog poop bags with an included dispenser you can easily adhere to their leash for easy accessibility. You can refill the holder when you run out. Plus! These bags are 100% leak-proof.

    29. A pet water bowl that'll keep your pet's water cleaner by limiting the amount of water exposed to the air, floating dust, hair, and dirt. This is also a great option for car travel to avoid excessive spillage.

    Cat with water bowl

    30. A small animal tent to utilize as a playpen for your little pal to run around in instead of being stuck in their cage. Place them in this tent with some of their favorite toys and they'll be busy for hours.

    Reviewer's bunny in small open tent

    31. Natural cat litter that's plant-based and prevents pesky odors from stinking up your home. Precision-cut fiber absorbs liquid on contact to form solid clumps for easy scooping, making cleanup a breeze.

    Cat littler displayed next to a quarter for size reference

    Your pets ~and~ you will be stoked when you add these items to your holy grail product lineup.

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