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    31 Cheap Things From Target That’ll Make Your House Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

    Wall decor, kitchen accents, and spacious solutions for your cozy home.♡

    1. A decorative circle mirror so you can make your space look bigger while adding a modern touch to your decor.

    The mirror

    2. A typography wooden wall sign that'll look chic hung on a gallery wall or leaning standing up on your foyer table. The stained wood look will add an earthy vibe to your space.

    The wooden sign that says "feels good to be home"

    3. A faux eucalyptus plant in case your side tables or desk could use a bit of greenery. Plants are a great way to amp up any space with some color and life and if real plants aren't for you a faux one is a great alternative!

    The plant in included white pot

    4. A Sonia Kashuk acrylic organizer you'll undoubtedly use every single day to keep your makeup brushes and self-care tools readily available and tidy.

    The organizer with gold edges and 10 sections in different sizes for beauty tools

    5. A "clean / dirty" reversible sign, because everyone in your house should know whether or not the washer is in use or if the items in the dishwasher are clean! This sign will look farmhouse chic in whatever room you place it in!

    The sign

    6. A honey pot — great for display or for actual use in your kitchen! Want to give your kitchen a more rustic feel? This is a step in the right decor direction!

    The white ceramic pot with the label "honey" across it

    7. A striped lumbar throw pillow in case your couch needs an update, but purchasing a new one is just not in budget right now. Placing an array of throw pillows will give your furniture a whole new feel.

    The rectangular gray and white striped throw pillow

    8. A charcoal stripe jute rug you can place in any hallway that needs some sprucing. This rug has a minimalist vibe that can work in virtually any part of the home.

    The narrow cream-colored rug with gray end stripes and frayed hems

    9. A set of coasters to keep your side tables free of stains while simultaneously adding a hint of color. Coasters are a must for preserving your furniture!

    The round marble coasters

    10. A ribbed plush blanket — lay this over your current bedspread for a cozier feel. Adding blankets onto your comforter will allow for a bit of a bed upgrade without having to drop $$$ on a totally new comforter.

    The blanket in gray

    11. An oil diffuser that will be a great addition to any table surface that needs some extra decor. It will also make your space smell ~divine.~

    The diffuser

    12. A pair of wood lattice hangs so you can amp up any blank walls in your home without having to think about putting together a gallery wall of photos you'd have to personally pick out... TBH sometimes I'm too lazy and want a quick wall decor fix and this is it!

    The lattice wall hangs placed on a wall above a dresser and plant

    13. A wicker tray that can be utilized on your bathroom vanity to hold disposable hand towels or your jars of cotton balls and Q-tips. This multi-functional tray is a great bathroom necessity as opposed to having skincare and additional items cluttered on the counter top.

    The straw tray holding disposable hand towels on the bathroom sink

    14. A woven table lamp made from natural wood if your space needs some trendy lighting fixtures. Pop one of these on your symmetrical side tables that sit on either side of your couch and you'll be calling yourself the next Joanna Gaines.

    The lamp

    15. A faux eucalyptus wreath that can be placed on your front door, or indoors on any windows or doors you'd love a fresh pop of greenery. You won't have to worry about wilted leaves or insects with this faux option.

    The wreath

    16. A set of patterned wash cloths if you want your bathroom to look put together and high-end but don't want to break the bank.

    The washcloths

    17. A holding hands framed wall art — so simple and aesthetically pleasing, it'll be the centerpiece of your new gorgeous gallery wall.

    The art print

    18. A metal circle shelf that'll look effortlessly chic and be a great storage option for displaying your favorite knickknacks or utilizing as a shelving unit for plants.

    The circle shelf with various knick knacks placed on it

    19. A letterboard in case you're indecisive with decor and want something you can personalize time and time again.

    The pink letterboard displays "Yoga @ 7:00 #Healthy"

    20. A ruched faux fur blanket for draping over your ottoman or living room chair for adding some color to your space if you can't commit to choosing a color to paint the walls. Incorporating your favorite colors into decor is a great way to make a noncommital selection!

    The teal blanket draped on a couch

    21. Decorative wooden bead garland if you're looking for that special something to elevate your hearth. I'm absolutely here for the unfinished wood look of this garland.

    The garland draped over a blue hearth

    22. A set of faux lemons for displaying on your kitchen countertop that'll bring a bright sunshine-y vibe to the room. If you don't use your kitchen all that often but want to make it look like you do, set a bowl of these little beauties out and you've instantly upped your kitchen game to Ina Garten status.

    A bowl of faux lemons on a kitchen countertop

    23. A panden basket so you can get the most out of your space with this storage option. Add this to any room to store your essentials like blankets in your bedroom or toilet paper in the bathroom.

    The basket

    24. A printed pattern tapestry in case you have an empty wall that could use a pick-me-up. This is perfect for a bedroom or living room wall for a dash of flair — popping one of these on the wall is not as permanent as painting or wallpapering.

    The white and gold tapestry

    25. A textured pouf — ideal for extra seating or just as an added focal point in a room you'd like a cozy vibe in.

    The white pouf

    26. Peacock peel-and-stick wallpaper you can place on a wall you'd love to be the showstopper of your home. Is this not the cutest wallpaper ever?

    The wallpaper with illustrations of peacocks resting on gold cages

    27. Light-filtering tassel curtains that will undoubtedly brighten any space with their warm yellow hues. The rod pocket is compatible with your choice of rod and hanging hardware.

    The white curtains with yellow tassels displayed on a window

    28. A textured planter so you can feature your little pride and joys (aka your house plants). This round stoneware planter enhanced with a glossy sheen features and raised textured design will make the rest of your decor look artsy as heck.

    The planter

    29. A floating wall shelf to display framed prints and pictures. Utilizing a floating wall is an amazing alternative to hammering the pictures onto the wall and adds a different spin to showcasing your beloved art.

    The shelf displayed with decor and books on top

    30. A triangle stitch quilt you can switch out with your heavier comforter for the warmer months. No need for a heavy winter comforter in the warm months of summer into the fall... This is a fun way for you to switch up your bedroom decor while keeping up with the weather.

    The quilt in pink

    31. A mirror macrame wall hang to add some texture to your walls whether it be in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom. This bohemian neutral wall hang will look great in any space.

    Macrame wall hang placed on pink wall above a chair, side table and plant

    Your new home will look in the words of JVN:

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