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    24 Beauty Products From Walmart That Are Useful To Pack In An Overnight Bag

    Whether you're staying over at a significant other's place, or taking a quick trip with friends, these products will be your go-to's for self care. Add these products to a designated overnight pouch that you'll be able to easily throw into your packed bag time and time again.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super cute, patterned toiletry case that is perfect for keeping products organized and will help you refrain from overpacking.


    As someone who likes to convince herself she isn't a bag lady, I'd happily embrace the title with a makeup/toiletry bag this cute.

    Price: $6.99+ (available in seven colors)

    2. A cleansing balm to help you remove your makeup before going to bed. (Please don't sleep in your makeup, your future self will thank you...)

    Promising Review: "I'm a third shift nurse so when I get home in the morning after working a 12, I just want to quickly get into bed. But first I gotta take my makeup off! I previously had been using makeup wipes but felt they didn't take enough makeup off and made my skin dry. I've looked into other makeup removers but usually the ones I were interested in were too expensive. I've used ponds dry face cream for YEARS for my dry skin and still love it to this day. So when this product came out, I had to try it. And I'm so glad I did! TOTALLY WORTH IT. Takes all my makeup off and leaves my skin soft and feeling hydrated. I definitely recommend and will continue to buy this product." β€”kaylaw5459

    Price: $9.98

    3. A pack of Simple makeup wipes for those late nights out where you can't be bothered to wash your face.

    Believe me, I am the last person to judge you for going the makeup wipe route, sometimes you're just too dang tired and too dang hungover..

    Price: $6.99

    4. A travel-sized Thayers witch hazel toner that will transport well and keep your skincare routine on track even when you're away from home.

    This toner is my holy grail skincare product and it comes in several scents including cucumber, lavender, and rose. It assists with removing additional makeup left over on the skin and dead skin cells.

    Price: $6.64

    5. A Burt's Bees eye cream for soothing skin and reducing the appearance of under-eye puffiness. It's teeny, travel-friendly size means you can toss it in your bag and go!


    Promising Review: "This cream is a gift to all of us! I use everything Burt's Bees but this is my favorite thing in the whole world! Seriously, this cream has saved my life whenever I have tried a new product and ended up with red, burning, crusty eyelids! I've never loved a product until I used this cream. It will be on my eyelids and in my heart forever!" β€”Lourelle

    Price: $9.97

    6. A gentle face wash to upkeep your everyday cleansing routine (even on the road!) and soothe even the most jet-lagged skin.

    Promising Review: "I was recommended this by my dermatologist when my skin was breaking out and I was on two different topical treatments that dried out my skin and made it peel. This is probably the most gentle cleanser you can find on the whole market and it leaves your skin feeling super soft and no residue left behind. Whenever my skin starts getting dried out and sensitive to other products I always use this until it's back to normal and makes the uncomfortable healing process much more pleasant. This in conjunction with the lotion is a miracle. Highly recommend if in need for something gentle and effective." β€”Danny

    Price: $2.97

    7. A compact deodorant that's perfect to transport from your toiletry bag to your purse and back again (as many times as you need it).

    8. A clay face mask for some pamper time, because pampering yourself doesn't always have to stay confined to the comfort of your own home.

    Promising Review: "I never brag on facial mask and cleansing products but I love the charcoal mask! It leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. My skin is so smooth and each time I use it my skin feels even smoother. I also love the scent. I certainly recommend this product!" β€”missy

    Price: $5.82

    9. An acne fighting exfoliator to prevent stress breakouts that are no doubt from your packing struggle sesh the night prior...


    This exfoliator features ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree oil, and tomato extract to battle breakouts and unclog pores.

    Price: $9.98

    10. A color correcting concealer for when you wake up the morning after and want to look like you got hours of beauty sleep. We get it, no bed is as good as your bed at home so when you get a restless night's sleep, this concealer will be your bff.

    This full coverage under eye concealer not only covers up dark circles but reduces the appearance of puffiness and swelling.

    Price: $7.98 (available in 11 shades)

    11. A portable light therapy wand just in case there's an uncalled for breakout who wasn't invited to your overnight getaway.


    Promising Review: "Was going to buy the mask but I only get a one or two- at the most little break outs every so often. This is perfect for me. I tried it and it started working right away on my small blemish. The next day it was almost gone! The redness was gone and could tell it was healing. Great little product-BTW you could not pick anyone better than Olivia Holt as a spokesperson she is so super cute!" β€”maryquitecontrary

    Price: $16.96

    12. A beauty sponge that'll take the place of all other makeup tools for foundation, concealer, and cream face products. Packing a Beauty Blender will save you room in your toiletry bag because you'll need fewer makeup brushes, letting you fit more beauty products that make you feel right at home.

    Promising Review: "The Beauty Blender Original Makeup Sponge, is a MUST have for any makeup user. This product is essential for making your makeup is blended. No more lines, clumps, spots, or other mess ups with this beauty tool. However, do make sure that you either clean or replace this product after several uses. This is a sponge so will trap makeup as well as oils from your face - meaning breakups if you're not careful." β€”suzem

    Price: $16.99

    13. A pair of tweezers for quick hair touch-ups, unexpected splinters, and whatever else is thrown your way on your adventure.

    Tweezerman tweezers may be an investment, but they are so worth it. I have never owned a pair of tweezers that have stood the test of time like these bad boys. They are sharp, precise, and a must-pack when I travel.

    Price: $15.99

    14. A dry shampoo for when you don't have the time to shower but still want to have voluminous, next day hair pronto. Unfortunately our multi-setting shower head isn't always five steps away β€” dry shampoo = the next best thing.

    Promising Review: "I bought this product about a week ago and I'm so impressed! I have a chronic heart condition and simply can't stand in the shower everyday to wash my hair. This product is a life saver. There's no sticky residue or buildup on my scalp. I've tried other dry shampoos from different brands and they only made my hair look even more dirty. They would clump all the oily sections together and my scalp would feel so weighed down. Not with Batiste! It's so lightweight and the smell is so light and fresh! My hair looks like I just finished blow drying it from a wash! It's not flat at all, which is surprising because my hair is very long. This is the best dry shampoo in the world." β€”megamuffin

    Price: $5.88

    15. A pack of travel Q-tips to assist with fixing any makeup mistakes including failed winged eyeliner attempts.

    Makeup hack: Since I could remember, my mother always applied her eyeliner with the help of a q-tip to buff out her lower lash line for a smokey eye look. (It really does work).

    Price: $9.65

    16. A set of whitening strips for times when you've had too many glasses of wine or cups of coffee. Each individual strip is the perfect size to take up little to no room within your overnight bag but will make a huge impact by keeping your teeth pearly white.


    Promising Review: "I use to use these all the time when I was in high school a few years ago. If you keep up on it and use it one or two times a week then you definitely see a difference in the whiteness of your teeth. I would get compliments on how white my teeth were and my family would even notice that they where whiter. Its definitely worth getting, and I actually started using them again this week." β€”kayla_lynnn14

    Price: $17.03

    17. A body mist for when you need a quick freshen up and an overall mood booster. This mist will help refresh and energize you in lieu of a shower when you don't have the time for one, so adding this to your overnight bag will be your saving grace.

    This body mist has 100% organic coconut oil and notes of mimosa flower and coconut water (I'll take five, thanks).

    Price: $7.46

    18. A manicure tool kit that you'll thank yourself for packing on every trip. This kit features 12 different tools including scissors that can also be used for cutting a loose thread off of your favorite dress or trimming your brows.


    Price: $14.98

    19. An eye mask infused with bamboo, for long flights or when you're struggling to get some sleep. We're sorry you can't bring your black out curtains from your bedroom with you, but this mask will def make up for it.


    Promising Review: "I love this product! I have the green eye mask and have been trying to find it again for sale (bought mine four years ago and the band started to stretch out). I have purchased other eye masks trying to replace this one. Finally yesterday I fixed this one until I can replace it with a new Ecotools mask. Best ever! I highly recommend this product. Not only does it keep all light out, it conforms comfortably to your face, and it also washes well." β€”Telisha Garris

    Price: $3.85

    20. An overnight lip mask for a weekend getaway with your significant other that will leave your lips kissable by the next morning.

    Promising review: "I've been using this for about three weeks now. My lips are super soft in the morning and they aren't drying out and cracking like they used to." β€”Haley

    Price: $18.48

    21. A detangler with keratin so the hotel water won't turn your hair into a tangled mess. You know this happens more than you'd like to admit...

    Promising Review: "My hair is very tightly curled and fine. This product worked well with my hair. It is excellent. It smells wonderful and makes my hair soft and strong. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family." β€”CleopatrA1982

    Price: $17.99

    22. A compact hair brush that's perfect for wet or dry hair. If you're going somewhere where swimming is involved, this brush is perfect in your beach bag for after quick dips in the ocean or pool.

    This brush is perfect for detangling even the knottiest of hair and won't tug or pull. A compact brush that won't cause hair breakage? Sign me up!

    Price: $20.83

    23. A pack of oil absorbing sheets for on-the-go touchups that will keep your makeup fresh when you're away from your hotel. We can't always carry our concealer, setting powder, and holy grail contour with us, so these oil absorbing sheets help keep face makeup in check.

    Promising Review: "I have used these things for many years now and they are the one product I can count on to reduce oil and shine on my face. Powders can get cakey and other products have a tendency to irritate my sensitive acne prone skin. These sheets suck up the oil without adding any product or residue. The package is small and convenient, easy to keep in a pocket, purse or even a wallet (one thing my brother does with his, which is also a non-makeup alternative for oily skin for men, too.) Overall, I love these things." β€”JammyDieselbug

    Price: $5.18+ (available in a single and a double pack)

    24. An on-the-go razor that will fit in just about any bag and your trusty carry-on. This razor comes in handy when kept with a small bottle of lotion in your bag for when you realize you missed that pesky patch of hair on your leg and need a quick fix.

    This tiny razor is packed with five curve-hugging blades and has a protective ribbon of moisture for smooth use.

    Price: $20.43 for a pack of two

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