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    28 Products So Useful, You'll Want To Share Their Existence With Everyone

    They're so good, you just can't help boasting about them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A password journal in case you forget every password under the sun. Just be sure to store it in a safe place and never share your passwords with others, even if you're showing off this book. *Wait, what was my Netflix password again? It's in the book.*

    2. A chainmail scrubber to clean any burned on bits that have stayed on your stainless or cast-iron pots and pans way past due.

    3. The no-fuss Glossier Lidstar that will have you pushing your other eye makeup to the side. A few swipes and a dab of the finger will have your eyes shining like the top of the Chrysler building.

    4. A splurge-worthy Smeg espresso machine to make cafe quality cappuccinos from the comfort of your own home. It's aesthetic alone is truly everything.

    5. A clip-on sleeve since you're always losing your lip balm in the abyss that is the bottom of your bag, and you want to keep it handy at all times.

    sleeve holding chapstick

    6. A smart funnel so you can transfer liquids from one bottle into a new one. You know, when you have two ketchups open and one is on its last limb? This funnel will help you transport the leftover ketchup into the newer bottle with no problems.

    smart funnel attached to two water jugs

    7. An over-the-seat car trash bag in case you tend to stuff all those used napkins and empty chip bags in your door compartments. This will help keep your car spotless.

    8. A garbage disposal brush so you can be sure there will be no funky smells coming from your sink.

    Reviewer photo of garbage disposal brush

    9. A leather Bagnet since placing your coveted handbag on the floor is ~gross.~ This bagnet will magnetize to any metal chair or barstool!

    10. A VaBroom that'll simultaneously broom AND vacuum your mess so a dust pan is a thing of the past. *Adds to cart immediately*

    11. A pet-hair remover so you can de-hair your sofa, chairs, and carpet from the built up pet fur that's just been covering anything and everything.

    12. A set of colanders that collapse so when you're finished giving your veggies and fruits a quick rinse, you won't have to worry about it taking up a ridiculous amount of cabinet space.

    13. A mini UV light toothbrush cover for helping disinfect your toothbrush head from the potential germs that can fester on your vanity. The rechargeable case will give you up to 30 cleanings on one full charge!

    14. Cloud air-vent clips to use as mask holders so you'll never be caught without it again. (OR, just get these because they look cute.)

    cloud air vent clips

    15. A bedazzled tissue box that can also double as a mask holder to keep on your visor in your car.

    16. A toilet night-light because when you stop in the bathroom at night you'll want to be able to see where you're going. Here's to not falling in the toilet...

    toilet night light in toilet

    17. An eight-pack of fluffy bow headbands you can wear during makeup application to keep your hair out of the way. You can also use them for self-care nights when you'd rather your clay face mask not make it into your freshly washed hair.

    18. A Nuud anti-odorant that's vegan and totally chemical free for fresher smelling pits. TBH, the packaging would've sold me alone.

    a model's hand holding up a bottle of nuud anti-odorant

    19. A dryer vent cleaning kit that'll easily attach to your vacuum and suction out all the pesky lint that's been gathering in there for some time now. Prevent dryer fires and have peace of mind from here on out.

    20. A veggie chopper you'll be so grateful for when you can forgo the inevitable "onion tears" that come along with chopping those delish veggies.

    21. An oil spray dispenser so genius, you can refill with your own EVOO! It's more sustainable than purchasing a new can of Pam from the food store each month. Just spritz your pans pre-cooking or use it to spritz some olive oil and vinegar on your salad!

    22. A pair of Acorn algae-infused spa slippers you can keep handy by your front door for quick potty runs with your pup or a brisk walk to the mailbox.

    23. A countertop knife sharpener to keep your most-used blades from dulling over time. Something tells me this would be Bobby Flay approved...

    24. A face wash foamer because every cleanser should be a foamy dream. Skincare time just got a whole lot more fun.

    25. An air pressure wine bottle opener so you don't have to fumble around with using a cork screw opener and breaking the cork in half while trying to enjoy your well-deserved vino. 🍷

    26. An LED makeup mirror in case you do your makeup in the car (when you're parked — OBVI), and want to bring your vanity-grade light up mirror with you. It's rechargeable and features two different light settings — yellow for a warmer glow, and white for a more natural lighting option.

    27. A set of Casper Hyperlite Sheets for an incredibly ~cooling~ sleep. The unique weave allows more airflow so you can say "sayonara" to overheating in bed.

    person laying in casper hyperlite sheets

    28. A set of mineral-based dishwasher detergent pods so your glassware can emerge from their wash cycle looking fresh and new. These won't leave a gross film on your plates like some other detergents do PLUS they smell so citrus-y good.

    the lemon dishwasher pods displayed next to a sliced lemon

    TBH, everything on this list is a NEED.