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    10 People Styled A Basic White Button Down And Proved Its Versatility As A Wardrobe Staple

    Cutting off the sleeves and tying them around the waist like a belt — genius.

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    Let me start by saying, you need a white button-down. If you don't already own one in your closet you need to get on that stat.

    It's one of the most evergreen, classic, wardrobe staples you could ever own and our friends over at As/Is make this statement a hard fact.

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    Let us start with the button-down, shall we? This classic Oxford shirt is available in numerous colors and patterns to keep it ~spicy~ if you want to try out the button-down look for yourself.

    Some chose to layer the shirt under other wardrobe pieces like a dress or vest. I personally am in love with the dress idea, because I honestly would have never thought to do that...iconic.

    We saw many folks take scissors to the oversized shirt and snip off a good bulk of the bottom.

    And others made some bold choices to alter the button-down that truly paid off.

    But at the end of the day, you can never go wrong with just styling it as a typical top with a cool jacket and pants! So chic.

    BRB while I go alter all of my button-downs right now...