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    Posted on Sep 19, 2015

    Which House Of Shattered Wings Magical Faction Do You Belong To?

    In a Paris devastated by a magical war and peopled with Fallen angels, alchemists, magicians and witches, safety is scarce--unless you pledge allegiance to the proper people... Find out which magical faction you belong to in this quiz based on Aliette de Bodard's THE HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS.

    1. What philosophy best embodies your approach to life?

    2. Your ideal banquet

      Wikimedia commons
    3. Your favourite animal

      Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK - White Tiger 6
    4. Your position on the use of magic

      A lady seeking knowledge of her lover from a wizard. Process print after Sir E. Burne-Jones. Iconographic Collections Keywords: catalogue no. 38008i; Magic; Witchcraft; edward burne-jones; wizard; ic; Edward Coley Burne-Jones (Wellcome Trust)
    5. Where would you go on a holiday?

      St. Ulrich, Fortress, Ribeauvillé, Haretuerk (Wikimedia Commons)
    6. You find out someone has betrayed you

      Engraving of Stilke's painting depicting Richard III taking prince Richard from sanctuary, Public Domain
    7. You must convince a powerful Fallen angel to join your cause

      Illustration for John Milton’s “Paradise Lost“, Gustave Doré (Public Domain)
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