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11 Reasons You Won't Sleep Again After Playing "Alien: Isolation"

It's behind you! No, not the game — the alien! Whoops, you died... again. Hope your heart's OK.

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2. The Nostromo ship in the game is identical to the one in the movie.

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Did you feel the anxiety and claustrophobia that Ellen Ripley felt? Welp, now you get to live and breathe that fear. Sorry, not sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4. The alien is responsive and reactive — not scripted.

Alien Isolation / Via

“The alien really is hunting you. He is using active senses and moment-to-moment decision making to hunt you down and kill you.” — Clive Lindop, Alien: Isolation Designer


So you’re saying he follows my every move and decision, stalking me, hunting me. Cool. I wasn’t planning on sleeping anyway."

5. Even when you can’t see it, you can sense him stalking you.

Alien Isolation / Via

Alien: Isolation is about encounters that are meaningful and terrifying. Even when the alien isn’t on the screen, you’ll be terrified the he is around the other corner. This is a game where you’ll never feel safe.” — Al Hope, Alien: Isolation Creative Lead


7. You play as Ellen’s daughter, Amanda Ripley.

Alien Isolation / Via

“In games you get to do it from different perspectives. Maybe I get to be a badass and survive, who knows?” — Veronica Cartwright ("Lambert


"'Maybe I get to survive.' MAYBE?! Oh HELLLLLLL no."

10. There are dead bodies lying around the ship, which basically means you're next.

Alien Isolation / Via

"Maybe if I just play dead, the alien will think that I am dead too and I’ll survi—" *alien screeches* "NOPE. Actually dead now."

11. Sometimes bullets and firepower aren’t enough to save you.

Alien Isolation / Via

“Even if you find a gun, your first thought is going to be: ‘If I fire this, will the alien hear it?’” — 
Al Hope, Alien: Isolation Creative Lead


So you’re saying NOT to fire the gun, but you didn’t say running and screaming for my life wasn’t an option. Got it. Cool. RIP Me."

So it's all pretty simple — play Alien: Isolation; don't sleep.

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Grab the game and a more than your fair share of restless nights.