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HOW TO MAKE cabbage pie with dough

HOW TO MAKE cabbage pie with dough dough 0,5l-Milk. Yeast -40gr. (Live) -1 Egg Salt -1st.l. (Part time) 1 tablespoon sugar (Part time) Pod. oil 2 tbsp -4 Glass Flour Filling: Cabbage -800gr. Carrots -1 (small) Salt -0,5st.l. Tom.pasta -1 tablespoon Oil for frying In the warm milk breed yeast, giving 10 min.Dobavlyaem revive the egg, salt, sugar, oil well peremeshivaem.Postepenno enter the sifted flour, knead testo.Nakryvaem towel and give rise in a warm place about this time 40min.V simmer kapustu.Kak the dough approached, punched roll out the size of meals, leaving a small piece of dough to cover the top of the cake, spread chilled kapustu.Sverhu lays test strips give a little to come (20-25min.), grease egg and bake t180-200 '40 -50min. To top the cake was soft as soon as got to the oven, it is necessary to grease a piece sliv.masla, cover with towel and let stand for a while. Recipes: Cakes - Recipes: Desserts and sweets - Recipes: MAIN DISHES - Recipes: MAINTENANCE - Recipes: Recipe For Houses - My Channel: My Blog: Group Facebook Music: HTTP: //

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